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Sterling Silver Eagle Pendant and Chain

Sterling silver eagle pendant, 3 1/4 inches in height , includes 2 mm chain. High quality, hand crafted original jewelry pieces made exclusively by a world renowned artist who has practiced his craft for more than thirty years, you will treasure these creations for a lifetime. Each piece of jewelry is crafted using a 'lost wax' process and begins by carving in wax to create a model with an astonishing level of detail. The lost wax process involves embedding the wax into a flask with a plaster called- investment. Once hardened it is put in a high temperature to burn out the wax. Then molten silver or gold is used to make the jewelry. A rubber mold can be made to generate other wax molds for more castings. Then the jewelry is cleaned and polished into the beautiful pieces that our customers love to wear and give as gifts.
SKU: 883jl104pc
Category: Gardening Accessories

The Double Line Plaque- Estate

The Double Line Plaque- Estate (wall version depicted here) is 23.25 inches by 10 inches). Add a distinctive finishing touch to your home with one of our custom, personalized home plaques. Crafted from rust free aluminum and finished with a specially formulated, weather resistant process these plaques will last a lifetime. Please note that most of our plaques come in three sizes and two styles (wall or lawn): Estate (wall and lawn versions), Standard (wall and lawn versions) and Petite (not available) and come equipped with all necessary mounting hardware. Installation is a snap and the lawn versions come equipped with an 18 inch mounting stake (Estate Lawn size plaques come with two stakes). You may personalize with a combination of letters and numbers as stipulated for each piece. Also please select from the above eighteen (18) color combinations to select the plaque that best suits your decor. Please input your personal selections in the Line Fields above. Character Limits For This Plaque: One Line Version- Five 7 inch Numbers, Two Line Version- Five 4.5 inch numbers on first line and Seventeen 2 inch charaters on second line. Three Line Version -Not Applicable. Please designate size of characters along with specific lettering and numbering in the line fields above. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
SKU: 771716107
Category: Decor

Thistle Feeder-Red

Squirrel resistant polycarbonate seed tube fills easily with its swing away captive top. Equipped with a releasable bail for hanging, the base has a built in socket for pole mounting. Adding additional seed trays is a snap!
SKU: 667K2
Category: Outdoor and Garden

The Astoria Arbor with Bench

Create a peaceful respite in your own backyard.The Astoria Arbor & Bench makes a grand statement to any backyard habitat. Imagine the beauty and tranquility it will lend with your favorite flowering plants climbing this elegant structure. This handsome arbor with its graceful bow shaped header, provides an attractive approach to a yard or garden. 42 inches interior width by 29 inches deep by a full 7 feet 2 inches high. Attention to detail and structural integrity are hallmarks to this fine line of craftsmanship. Produced entirely of Western Red Cedar, a wood that contains natural, ingrown decay and insect retardants for a long product life. Simple assembly requiring only a wrench, screwdriver and a hammer. Side panels are pre-assembled with fully inset lattice, furniture type joints an non-rusting hardware. All components are accurately precut and pre-drilled for quick, easy assembly. Comes equipped with all necessary hardware and easy to follow instructions. Proud members of the Forest Stewardship Council an entity insuring the proper environmental management of our world's timber resources.
SKU: 7719abr29161b_abxr5001
Category: Decor

The Kestrel House

Formerly called the Sparrow Hawk, the kestrel eats insects and small rodents. House includes an internal perch (shown in photo without door) so mother and babies can keep an eye out for their next meal. RANGE: Breeds from Alaska and Northwest Territories east through Maritime Provinces, and south throughout continent. Winters north to British Columbia, Great Lakes and New England. HABITAT: Lives in towns and cities, parks, farmlands, along highways and in open country. 17.75 inches high x 9.25 inches wide x 11 inches deep. We carry a nest box for every species of cavity-nesting bird in North America. Designed for each species by leading conservation experts, these products provide the correct dimensions, materials, ventilation and drainage. Each nest box is handcrafted in Maine from eastern white pine for durability, function, and aesthetics. Your order will include a brochure that describes the species this nest box attracts, and the placement and maintenance of this particular product.
SKU: 995CS10080
Category: Birdhouses

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