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Squirrel-Proof Suet Haven Feeder

More Suet For Your Favorite Birds. Here is a squirrel-proof suet feeder that can accommodate a half dozen birds at one time. This Haven-style feeder holds a single suet cake, and the 1-1/2" coated wire allows birds plenty of room to perch. Roof has a lock-tight spring latch to guard against even the craftiest squirrel! With squirrels off your suet supply you'll attract lots of birds! 8" high, 8-1/2" in diameter.
SKU: 661112601
Category: Birdhouses


This house provides a perfect nest box for mergansers that normally nest in tree cavities. Positioning a house on a pole in the open water provides extra protection from predators. RANGE: Breeds across Canada from eastern Alaska, Manitoba and Newfoundland south in mountains to California, northern New Mexico, Great Lakes and northern New England. Winters south to northern Mexico and Georgia; also in Eurasia. HABITAT: Breeds on wooded rivers and ponds; winters mainly on lakes and rivers, occasionally on salt water. 24.25 inches high x 11 inches wide x 13 inches deep. We carry a nest box for every species of cavity-nesting bird in North America. Designed for each species by leading conservation experts, these products provide the correct dimensions, materials, ventilation and drainage. Each nest box is handcrafted in Maine from eastern white pine for durability, function, and aesthetics. Your order will include a brochure that describes the species this nest box attracts, and the placement and maintenance of this particular product.
SKU: 995CS10130
Category: Birdhouses

John Deere Feeder

This may be as close as some of us ever get to our dream of owning a John Deere! Squirrel Proof feeders in the popular hopper design. These feeders feature: Squirrel Proof Adjustable Weight Settings Seed Saver Baffle Eliminates Wasted Seed Easy to Open and Fill Large 2 ½ Gallon Capacity Durable Powder Coated Steel Select Hardwood Perch Hanger and Pole Mounting Hardware Included (Poles not included) When a squirrel climbs onto the weight-sensitive perch, a trap door closes off access to the seed. The perch's weight settings are adjustable, so you can also keep unwanted birds, such as crows, from using your feeder. Limited 5 year warranty, weather and rust resistant zinc coating bonded to the steel body of the hopper offering long life. Individual (seven) seed slots let you know when it is time to refill the seed. Large roof overhang keeps your seeds dry.
SKU: 6677527jd
Category: Birdhouses

All Weather Bird Bath

Add this bath to your yard to provide a natural place for birds to bathe. Designed to resemble rock formations, this bath is virtually indestructible! Impervious to cold or heat, it will last for years. To install, set it on the ground and add your own landscaping touches. Measures 21-1/2" diameter. A white-crowned sparrow is shown on the bath's edge.
SKU: 345601
Category: Outdoor and Garden

The Artesian Waterfalls & Fountain

The Artesian Falls is the essence of the classic waterfall with its simple cascade over the rocky incline. 15 inches wide, 11 inches in height and 19 inches deep, weighing 6 lbs in total. Shown here in Iron Rock, it is also available in the colors of Desert Sand and Granite. Free shipping anywhere in the continental US. Get a dual use of of your bird bath fountain by accenting your patio, gardens or interior space with one of our extraordinary waterfall packages. Easy to install and maintain, complete directions included, these natural settings will delight you and your family for years to come! Once you have listened to the soothing and relaxing sounds of a waterfall, your life becomes serene on the tranquil sounds of nature. This exquisite line of products offered through ABirdsWorld.com has developed a way that you can bring the sounds of nature into your home, garden, office, or your favorite place you like to relax and unwind from the stresses in the day. These waterfalls are so light that you can take them, and place them wherever your heart desires. Please allow three weeks for delivery. Consider the following features: Satisfaction Guaranteed Lightweight Finished on all Sides Three Finish Colors to Select Use Outdoors or Indoors Three Year Limited Warranty Magnetic-driven Pump Included
(One-year Warranty)
No Assembly Required
(Add Water and Plug-in)
Free Shipping in Continental US   Made of high density urethane foam with a patented rock coating, these pieces can be used indoors or outside. Capable of withstanding even the most extreme climate, they are our choice for a combination bird bath and garden accent extraordinaire.
SKU: 20177artesian
Category: Fountains

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