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The Droll Yankee Observer Window Feeder

This new feeder brings the birds to your window without obscuring plastic in between. With ample capacity, sleek lines and a tapered overhanging roof to deflect the weather, it's the best value in window feeders on the market. Attach it securely to your window using the three suction cups provided. 7 " x 3 " x 2 " dish x 7 " tall, 2 cup capacity.
Category: Birdhouses

Finch Feast -20 lb. Fresh Pack

Gold finches, purple finches, pine siskins and common redpoll will visit a feeder stocked with Finch Feast. This feed can be selectively fed through thistle feeders or standard tube feeders and combines the popularity of thistle (nyjer) and Black Oil Sunflower Chips. Scott Shalaway, PhD., noted wildlife biologist, syndicated columnist and author, has formulated the Sun Country Farms bird seed recipes to attract only those birds you want in your backyard. Current bird seed on the market may contain a mix of ingredients made mostly of cheaper "filler". This filler is often made up of waste grains and weed seeds. Sun Country Farms uses premium quality recipes that contain only the seeds that birds will eat. An analysis of their competitor's waste-free product shows that 40% of its ingredients are what Sun Country Farms considers filler. This filler remains in the feeder or is shoveled to the ground by the birds. Sun Country uses NO filler in any of their proprietary mixes, ensuring that your birds become recurring visitors to your backyard feeder.
SKU: 55320FF
Category: Gardening Accessories

Surface Mount Feeder

Can also be used a squirrel feeder, extremely versatile feeder. Hand made in North Carolina. Constructed exclusively of cypress, a wood well known for its longevity, durablity, and pest resistant qualities. Comes equipped with a hang tag which fully describes the product and suggests an appropriate location for its optimum use.
SKU: 6672001
Category: Birdhouses

Garden Tool Shed

Perfect for storing those tools that you need for the other side of the house or property. It is designed specially to hold small hand tools, gloves, just the thing for those times you are strolling around and see a weed that needs pulling or a tree limb in need of pruning. Made of cypress with a copper roof , it is a stunning mini-shed which will last a lifetime. 39" tall and 15" wide it is available painted white, natural stain or pickled. Comes equipped with metal mounting plate and two brackets. Please make your selection.
Category: Gardening Accessories

ST. FRANCIS Garden Shelter

Known as the protector of nature St. Francis will help keep harmony in your garden. You can even scatter a few seeds at his feet. The shelter is stained gray (shown) or pickled and measures 17" x 16". Please make your selection.
SKU: 722ST21
Category: Decor

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