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Euro Pedestal Base

29 inch height wrought iron with black painted finish. European designed pedestal which puts the focus on the sundial itself. Very tasteful. The support legs are welded to the pedestal and designed to push into the ground for stability.
SKU: 776RB90
Category: Decor

The Granite Waterfalls & Fountain

Granite Falls is an awe inspiring waterfall featuring a two-tier step design that cascades into the larger bottom pond which provides harmonious sounds of nature. 29 inches wide, 21 inches in height and 41 inches deep, weighing 28 lbs in total. Shown here in Desert Sand, it is also available in the colors of Granite and Iron Rock. Free shipping anywhere in the continental US. Get a dual use of of your bird bath fountain by accenting your patio, gardens or interior space with one of our extraordinary waterfall packages. Easy to install and maintain, complete directions included, these natural settings will delight you and your family for years to come! Once you have listened to the soothing and relaxing sounds of a waterfall, your life becomes serene on the tranquil sounds of nature. This exquisite line of products offered through has developed a way that you can bring the sounds of nature into your home, garden, office, or your favorite place you like to relax and unwind from the stresses in the day. These waterfalls are so light that you can take them, and place them wherever your heart desires. Please allow three weeks for delivery. Consider the following features: Satisfaction Guaranteed Lightweight Finished on all Sides Three Finish Colors to Select Use Outdoors or Indoors Three Year Limited Warranty Magnetic-driven Pump Included
(One-year Warranty)
No Assembly Required
(Add Water and Plug-in)
Free Shipping in Continental US   Made of high density urethane foam with a patented rock coating, these pieces can be used indoors or outside. Capable of withstanding even the most extreme climate, they are our choice for a combination bird bath and garden accent extraordinaire.
SKU: 336granite
Category: Fountains

Grapevine Column Pedestal Stand

Polyresin construction, 12.75 inches high by 5 inches square. Made specifically for gazing globes and sundials that are 4-6 inches in diameter.
SKU: 776ev4043
Category: Decor

Rocky Mountain Spring with Dripper and Thermostatic Heater

Will add beauty to any backyard bird garden. Rock texture and gradually sloping bathing area make it the first choice of discriminating bathers. Made of very strong, weatherable polymer, will not be damaged if accidentally allowed to freeze solid. Size: 18" x 25". Weight: 3 lbs. Comes with all materials necessary for operation. Includes dripper and thermostatic heater. The thermostatic heater included in this package, maintains open water down to sub-zero temperatures.
Category: Outdoor and Garden

Brass Antique Containers- Full Collection

In the great homes and gardens of Europe, plant containers have always played a major role in both interior and exterior design. These pots and urns are designed in the classic style that has endured for centuries. Made from solid brass, these containers are weathered to look like antiques that graced the gardens of centuries long past. Generous sizes allow you to insert standard nursery containers or, if you prefer, plant directly and drill holes for drainage. Sizes range from small pots to spruce up a kitchen windowsill to large urns to create a grand entrance way to your home. The Full Collection contains a combination of eight pots and urns as depicted in the photo. Three classic Greek urns 10 inches by 14 inches, 12 inches by 17 inches and 14 inches by 20 inches (width & height). One Victorian Flower Urn 8 inches by 10 inches (wxh). A Chelsea Cachepot, 8 x 8 inches and three English Pots sized 4 x 6 inches, 6 x 7 inches, 8 x 9 inches (width x height). Individually purchased this classic brass collection would cost more than $700 in fine garden centers.
SKU: 77121ac_allincollection
Category: Decor

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