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Heron Leg Base & Hand Blown Glass Bath

This uniquely designed metal base resembles the legs of a crane, constructed of hammered steel with blue marble eyes in the middle and copper knee joints. Base stands a full 32 inches tall and holds firmly to the ground with its leg prongs. Topped with a beautifully hand blown blue glass bowl which is 16 inches in diameter. this unique bath is a welcome addition to any backyard. Normally retails for $265.
SKU: 332bb687_684
Category: Fountains

The Copenhagen Fountain & Birdbath

A unique bubbling fountain bird bath featuring a faux stone appearance from fiberglass and a green copper bath. Features a black steel stand and an interior placed pump for continous water movement, essential for birds. From the galleries of Tom Torrens Sculpture and Design inspired by a combination of ancient Asian art, the style of Frank Lloyd Wright and the sculpture of Alexander Calder. Designed to weather naturally and last a lifetime, these are collection quality pieces. This fountain bath is 18 inches wide and 40 inches tall, it weighs 28 pounds. Provides a wondrous display in your garden. All works are handmade using recycled and industrial materials whenever possible. This piece is designed to weather and age naturally. Mineral deposits are natural and can be removed with mild soap or baking soda and water and a soft cloth. Annual waxing with a quality wax will reinvigorate the color. Clean the pump on a regular basis. Keep it fully submerged and remove it during periods of prolonged freezing. Free shipping anywhere in the continental US.
SKU: 20172tt528_7
Category: Fountains

Garden Ballet Bird Mobile

While science strives to harness the power of the wind, Garden Ballet seeks its joy. Color and movement create enchanting exhibitions of whimsy, tranquility, humor and dance to the ever changing rhythm of the wind. Metal, indeed, can fly. This flitting, hovering, bobbing bird will have you wondering if it can truly be crafted from metal. Its vibrant colors and eternal movement will keep a garden abloom all year. Display pole is included.
SKU: 226001
Category: Posters and Prints

Cast Aluminum Roman Urn with Brass Handles & Stand

Cast from high grade aluminum with brass handle accents and finished elegantly in a classic garden patina, the Roman Urn with stand will be a centerpiece in your garden, patio or interior setting. Reminiscent of old world european grandeur, use the Roman Urns to showcase your most beautiful flowering plants. These classic cast aluminum pieces are made to order and shipped directly from the foundry in Virginia. The Roman Urn is17 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter, the Roman Plinth with Bronze Medallion base is 9 inches by 12 inches. You will find these unique pieces priced as high as $485 in fine gardening centers, we are pleased to offer such a high quality item at this affordable price. Please allow three weeks for delivery.
SKU: 77122vm4465_4464
Category: Decor

Hawiian Delight Suet Cakes (12)

Suet is an essential ingredient to the health of your birds. A natural source of high energy and fat reserves, it will keep your birds in top health. Consisting of melted fat, a variety of seeds, nuts and fruit which are then poured into the mix and allowed to harden. Treats will become soft and pliable at 100 degrees if exposed to extreme heat either during shipping or storage, however they will return to normal hardness again at room temperature, and remain fresh all year. Although Suet needs are greatest in the Winter, it is recommended that you offer Suet along with your other feeds all year. 12 pack of 13.75 oz high energy suet cakes containing fat, peanuts, pineapple, corn, and oats. Just peel and place in your suet feeder cages.
SKU: 551CS565
Category: Gardening Accessories

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