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Waste Free Gourmet -20 lb. Fresh Pack

Jays, cardinals, titmice, nuthatches, juncos, woodpeckers and doves will visit a feeder stocked with Waste-Free Gourmet. There is no filler in this proprietary mixture, composed exclusively of mixed nuts and black oil sunflower kernels. A tremendous value for you and treat for your birds. Scott Shalaway, PhD., noted wildlife biologist, syndicated columnist and author, has formulated the Sun Country Farms bird seed recipes to attract only those birds you want in your backyard. Current bird seed on the market may contain a mix of ingredients made mostly of cheaper "filler". This filler is often made up of waste grains and weed seeds. Sun Country Farms uses premium quality recipes that contain only the seeds that birds will eat. An analysis of their competitor's waste-free product shows that 40% of its ingredients are what Sun Country Farms considers filler. This filler remains in the feeder or is shoveled to the ground by the birds. Sun Country uses NO filler in any of their proprietary mixes, ensuring that your birds become recurring visitors to your backyard feeder.
SKU: 55320WFG
Category: Gardening Accessories

The Droll Yankee Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush

Cleans all tubular feeders easily with supple, natural bristles. 24" long.
SKU: 6611DYBfb
Category: Birdhouses

The Oakleaf Hemisphere Sundial

Made exclusively from solid recycled brass and polished to an exquisite verdi finish, with bold brass accents, this Oakleaf Hemisphere Sundial is 21 inches wide by 21 inches high. These are hand forged and crafted in the United States. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Mount them on one of our pedastals, or place them in an elevated area of your garden. These are extremely high quality pieces that will last forever.
SKU: 774Sd80
Category: Decor

Summer or Wood Duck

Wood Duck, Aix sponsa Flora: sycamore, Platanus occidentalis, and resurrection-fern, Polypodium polypodioides Print size: 26 1/4" x 39 1/4"; image size: 24 1/2" x 37" Produced 1985 - Princeton Audubon Limited Edition This print is based on a composition painted in Louisiana in 1821. The female in the nest was added around 1825. Although the Wood Ducks always form their nests in the hollow of a tree," wrote Audubon, "their caresses are performed exclusively on the water, to which they resort for the purpose, even when their loves have been first proved far above the ground on a branch of some tall sycamore. While the female is depositing her eggs, the male is seen to fly swiftly past the hole in which she is hidden, erecting his crest, and sending forth his love notes, to which she never fails to respond." One of the loveliest of all the waterfowl, the extravagantly plumaged wood duck nests in hollow trees and nesting boxes, often some distance from the ground. Soon after hatching and in response to the low soft calls from the mother on the ground below, the downy young clamber on their sharp, hooked claws to the entrance of the nest and flutter lightly to the ground.
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Category: Posters and Prints

Long-legged Avocet (Black-necked Stilt) Princeton Audubon Limited Edition

Black-necked Stilt, Himantopus mexicanus Print size: 26 1/4" x 39 1/4"; image size: 18 1/2" x 14" Produced 1985 - Princeton Audubon Limited Edition Audubon painted this bird in New Orleans on May 2, 1821. That day he wrote in his journal, "drew a Long Legged Plover...it was a Male I received it from Mr. [Ambrose] Duval the Miniature Painter who assured Me that he had Killed 6 or 7..., all alike no diference whatever in the size or Coloring...Was pleased with the Position in my drawing ..." Elliott Coues penned a graphic description of the movements of the long-legged wader. "On the ground, whether walking or wading, the bird moves gracefully, with measured steps; the long legs are much bent at every step (only at the joint, however) and planted firmly, perfectly straight;...When feeding, the legs are bent backward with an acute angle at the heel joint to bring the body lower; the latter is tilted forward and downward over the center of equilibrium, where the feet rest, and the long neck and bill reach the rest of the distance to the ground."
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Category: Posters and Prints

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