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The Seaside Bird Feeder

Constructed of cypress, a wood guaranteed to stand the tests of time and weather beautifully, these feeders will add a touch of class and distinction to your backyard landscaping. 22" H x 7"W x 7"D, shown here with white finish and copper verde roof. Available in the following roof styles: Copper Verde, Bright Copper, or Cedar Shingle. Finish is available in White,Natural, or Pickled. Please make your selection.
SKU: 661SF
Category: Birdhouses

The Athens Slate Roof Feeder

Hand made in Pine Mountain, Georgia, the attention to detail is exquisite in this line of feeders. Manufactured from modern composite resins, each feeder comes with its own vinyl post included. This product will never rot, fade or show age and is easily cleaned with soap and water. The columns and gables of the Athens feeder, reminiscent of a Greek temple, attracts attention as well as your feathered friends . Made of composite resin matrix for superior strength and endurance. Hand finished in Georgian white. Its built in seed tray holds approximately 2-3 lbs. of seed. Comes complete with its own -EZ- PVC post ( 4 foot ) and ground spike, along with the necessary mounting hardware. No digging required, will last a lifetime. 11.5 inches x 11.5 inches x 21 inches high.
SKU: 661kathenss
Category: Birdhouses

Butterfly Hanging BIrd Bath-Shady Green

Butterfly embossing accent this beautiful 15" diameter metal bird bath, which comes complete with a 24" hanging chain. Shown here in verdigris.
SKU: 33400677
Category: Fountains

The Butterfly Pedestal Base

A 28 inch high wrought iron stand with black painted finish. Smart design is the highlight of this pedestal. The center shaft of the pedestal pushes into the ground for stability, while three legs rest on the surface. Features a folk art inspired butterfly. Sundial sold separately.
SKU: 7RB10
Category: Decor

Super Carousel Bird Feeder System

A complete package featuring the carousel feeder. Featuring a 16 inch acrylic top, which acts both as a squirrel baffle and a weather guard, this unit is easy to clean and refill. Pole mounted with bottom baffle and four feeding stations, tough polycarbonate base with built in pole mount socket. If you are looking for a total system at an incredible price, this unit is for you.
Category: Birdhouses

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