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Banquet Triple Seed Tray Window Feeder

Triple seed banquet window feeder holds 3/4 quart of seed. Offer three different varieties and increase the diversity of birds feeding at your window. Each tray is removable for easy cleaning.
SKU: 665Aspects003
Category: Birdhouses

All Weather Bird Bath

Add this bath to your yard to provide a natural place for birds to bathe. Designed to resemble rock formations, this bath is virtually indestructible! Impervious to cold or heat, it will last for years. To install, set it on the ground and add your own landscaping touches. Measures 21-1/2 inches in diameter. A white-crowned sparrow is shown on the bath's edge.
SKU: 33445601
Category: Fountains

Success Sign

Made exclusively from rust proof cast aluminum and polished with a genuine metal coating in copper verdi with gold lettering, these garden signs are hand forged and crafted in the United States. 6 inches wide, 3.25 inches tall, and 11 inches wide they come equipped with 12 inch mounting stakes. These are extremely high quality pieces that will last forever.
SKU: 77501450
Category: Decor

The LoveNest Victorian Cottage

Artul Amish design is reflected in this classic birdhouse Set it in your own garden meadow and delight the birds as well as yourself. 9.5 x 7.5 x 10 inches in dimension.
SKU: 998lnh_10
Category: Birdhouses

The Droll Yankee Winner Window Feeder

The dome acts as a weather shield and can also be lowered to exclude large birds. Comes with 3 types of mounting hardware to mount on the glass, on the frame or on the sill. 6-1/2" diameter dish holds 2 cups of seed. Clear polycarbonate and brass.
SKU: 665DYW1
Category: Birdhouses

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