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Bat House

A small brown bat can consume more than 600 mosquitos in an hour, yet they do not interfere with attracting wild birds. They are nature's greatest mosquito deterrent. Hang this bat box in your backyard and keep these workers close to home! House holds up to 25 bats. 9 x8 x 17 inches in dimension.
SKU: 994BH3
Category: Birdhouses

Love is the Fairest- Garden Sign

Shown in the top right portion of this photo. Made exclusively from rust proof cast aluminum and polished with a genuine metal coating in copper verdi with gold lettering, these garden signs are hand forged and crafted in the United States. 6 inches wide, 3.25 inches tall, and 11 inches wide they come equipped with 12 inch mounting stakes. These are extremely high quality pieces that will last forever.
SKU: 77501468
Category: Decor

Tulip & Butterfly Stepping Stones-Set of Two

Hand painted full color artistry adorns these wonderful garden stepping stones. Mix and match from from our existing supply for a truly magical garden setting or stay with a single theme. The Tulip and Butterfly Stepping Stones feature hand painted tulips visited by two Monarch butterflies. These durable, cast resin steps are a wonderful accent to any garden. 12 inches wide by 12 inches long.
SKU: 7721tulstep
Category: Decor

Green Single Sided Absolute� Feeder -Hanging Model

Squirrel Proof feeders in the popular hopper design. Available in pole mount or hanging models. These feeders feature: Adjustable Weight Settings Seed Saver Baffle Eliminates Wasted Seed Easy to Open and Fill Large 2 ½ Gallon Capacity Durable Powder Coated Steel Select Hardwood Perch Heavy duty Wunderhook for hanging included. When a squirrel climbs onto the weight-sensitive perch, a trap door closes off access to the seed. The perch's weight settings are adjustable, so you can also keep unwanted birds, such as crows, from using your feeder. Limited 5 year warranty, weather and rust resistant zinc coating bonded to the steel body of the hopper offering long life. Individual (seven) seed slots let you know when it is time to refill the seed. Large roof overhang keeps your seeds dry.
SKU: 6677531
Category: Birdhouses

Williamsburg Cast Iron Collier Sundial & Stand

Sundials consist of two parts, a face containing the hours of the day, plus a wide range of decorative motifs, and a gnoman, or shadow arm. The face of the dial, gnoman, and the 12:00 position of the dial should be oriented north. To set the sundial, merely turn it until the shadow falls on your current local time. The Williamsburg Cast Iron Collier Sundial & Stand are hand cast from iron and rust free aluminum respectively. Ideal for use both indoors and out, this museum replica is a beautiful adornment to your home or garden. The sundial is 11.4 inches in diameter and the stand is 27 inches tall. The normal retail price on this exquisite combination is $275. Please allow two weeks for delivery. Made in Virginia by skilled artisans, this is an heirloom quality offering.
SKU: 774VM3827_3817
Category: Decor

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