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Collectors Dominoes - Double Fifteen

With 136 tiles, lots of people can play. Dive into domino game variations like Mexican Train, Four-Hand Texas, Muggins, Draw, Block, Matador, Tiddle-a-Wink and many more! In virtually all games, players try to block the game so others cannot make a play. Or, players try to make ends that, when added together, equal some given number or multiple of that number. Or, they try to play so that the ends of the line will show spots of equal value. As always, the player to play his last piece before any opponent wins! Set packs neatly into sturdy game tin. Includes a starter piece to help organize the game, 136 tiles, and instructions. For 2 to 10 players.
Manufacturer: Cardinal
SKU: CR9515C

Puzz 3D - The Light of Peace Puzzle

Here’s a whole new way to enjoy the work of Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light: a three-dimensional puzzle based on one of his most popular works. Featuring the statuesque stone lighthouse, quaint lighthouse keeper’s cottage, cobblestone path and lush garden that made the original work so enchanting, this puzzle brings the scene to life in 3D. In 353 sturdy foam-backed pieces, it’s a challenge and a joy to put together. Rated “average” difficulty by the manufacturer. Finished puzzle measures 9-1/2” x 13-1/2” x 11-1/2”.
Manufacturer: Wrebbit
SKU: WR04704

ARNE Card Game

Choose a color and then try to collect as many point cards of the same color as possible. That’s where ordinary games end and ARNE begins. Players can steal each other’s cards, take extra turns, and even play out of turn! The idea is to undermine another player’s chances while racking up points of your own. But watch out because what goes around comes around! Just when you think you have the game won, someone can steal your cards and snatch away victory. It’s a game of speed, smarts, and sabotage, where you won’t know the winner until the last card is played! This re-design of the European favorite comes with 88 cards and game instructions. For 2 – 4 players, Ages 8 and Up.
Manufacturer: Fundex Games
SKU: FX8230

Space Sand (2oz)

If you’re still waiting on that plane ticket to Mars, why not bring a little sand from the red planet home with you? This packet contains the closest thing to sand from Mars. It’s ordinary sand that has been exposed to the vapors of a silicon compound. It changes the composition of the sand and makes it un-bondable with water. Try it for yourself – expose it to water and watch in amazement as it never gets wet! There are many creative uses for Space Sand – it has been used to clean oil spills, improve the growth of plants, and is even being used in experiments covering the Mars exploration. What fun and interesting experiments can you conduct using Space Sand? Explore the possibilities! Ages 3 and Up.
Manufacturer: Dunecraft
SKU: DCSS-0081

World Poker Tour Playing Cards (Diamond Back)

From the maker of the Bee Casino Card comes the official playing card deck of the World Poker Tour. As seen on TV, these are the high-quality, highly durable cards used by the world’s top poker players. With the best shuffle and snap, these cards will bring you the true feel and playability of the top casino card, while retaining their shape and feel after hours and hours of play. Card decks feature either a red or blue diamond back with 2 logos of the World Poker Tour. We cannot ship a specific color request. Perfect for Texas Hold-Em or any card game.
Manufacturer: US Playing Cards
SKU: UC981-R

Ken Duncan Panographs - Bamburgh Village, Northumberland Jigsaw Puzzle

Known worldwide for his striking panoramic photographs, Ken Duncan uses a wide-angle lens to capture the true essence of a place. In this shot from his Images of Britain collection, he presents the charming English village of Bamburgh in the foreground as the imposing Northumberland Castle rests in the distance. Put together these 748 pieces and see royalty meet small town living for yourself. Finished puzzle, suitable for framing, measures approximately 12” x 32.5”.
Manufacturer: Crown & Andrews
SKU: CA8475

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