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Skip-Bo Card Game

Skip-Bo cards are wild! Wild cards, that is. Use them as you try to build piles of cards in numeric sequences from 1 to 12. First player to put his or her cards in sequences wins. From the makers of UNO! It's simple fun for the whole clan! Includes 162 cards and instructions. For 2 to 6 players or partners.
Manufacturer: Mattel
SKU: MA42050

Armchair Puzzlers Book - Optical Teasers

There’s more to this book than meets the eye! Can a frog turn into a horse? Are the squares bent? Does the head belong to the lady on the left or the right? The questions seem simple, that is, until you gaze at these eye-popping optical illusions! So kick back, relax, put your feet to rest, and your mind to work. With this Armchair Puzzler, what you ISNT always what you get!
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 84005

Photomosaics Jigsaw Puzzle - Elvis

This incredible Photomosaic of Elvis Presley gives new meaning to his motto, Taking Care of Business in a Flash. Innovative digital artist Robert Silvers has arranged thousands of photographs of Elvis to comprise one stunning image of the King. The miniature photos were taken from the collection of Alfred Wertheimer, who was given unprecedented access to take candid photographs of Elvis in his private life. The result is a touching portrait of the man who would be King. 1026 pieces. Measures 27” x 20” when fully assembled.
Manufacturer: Buffalo Games
SKU: BG526

Body Art Craft Kit

What a masterpiece. It really should be in a museum. But instead, it’s on you! Now you can let your imagination run wild and create all kinds of works of art on your body. Decorate your hands, your face… anyplace! Kit comes with 1 fingernail sticker sheet, 1 4-color makeup well, 1 gold glitter gel crème packet, 1 black marker, 4 cotton swab applicators and illustrated instructions.
Manufacturer: Curiosity Kits
SKU: CK276

Math Mat Challenge Game

Here’s a game that adds up to fun! This talking mat will have your little one jumping around— and doing simple math at the same time. The game calls out the problem, kids do the math, and then they hop on the answer! To keep things fresh, the game is ready to play six different games with your child, at three different skill levels: number identification for preschoolers, addition and subtraction for new schoolers and equations for older kids. It’s a game your child will have fun growing smarter with. 3 AA batteries (not included) required. For 1 player.

Winner, Oppenheim Best Toy Award.
Manufacturer: Learning Resources
SKU: LR0047

Claymania The Frantic Sculpting Game

Did you ever look at La Pieta and think, “I could do that!” Probably not, but you don’t have to be a Michelangelo to sculpt your way to victory in this game. A little creative thinking and fast sculpting are all it takes. You have 45 seconds to mold a mound of clay into an object, while your teammates try to guess what it is. Objects are listed on cards, and labeled by color. If your team guesses the object correctly, you’ll receive a scoring token of the corresponding color. The first team to earn all 5 different colored tokens, wins the game! Can you make a man or a mountain? Ok Rodin, how about a shopping cart or a treadmill? Objects range from easy to difficult, and you can’t speak while you’re sculpting. You’ll have to let your hands do the talking as you pound, squeeze, and sculpt your way to total Clay-hem! Game includes 1 Tub of non-toxic clay, 300 word cards, 2 pawns, 10 scoring tokens, 45 second timer, game board, playing die, and game instructions. For 4 or more players, ages 10 and up.

A Dr. Toy 100 Best Products winner and a Family Fun Toy of the Year Finalist for 2001.
Manufacturer: Gamewright
SKU: GW105

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