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Collectors - Rummy-O Game

You'll learn a little kooky jargon in this game. You might decide to go on board, play a foot or take a little shot. Don't worry! Like Rummy, this game is simple to learn but takes some brains to win. First player to group all of his or her tiles wins the round-- ace the most rounds to take the game! Includes 106 Rummy-O tiles, four double tier tile racks and instructions. Game stores neatly in sturdy tin. For 4-5 players.
Manufacturer: Cardinal

Little Passenger United States of America Wood Puzzle

Take a trip across the USA with this colorful, creative wood map puzzle. Taking the map puzzle and making it even more fun for kids, this sturdy challenge is full of illustrations. On Alaska, you’ll find that the state capital is Juneau. You’ll also see pictures of a polar bear, oil drums and Eskimos. It’ll help kids learn about U.S. geography in a way that flash cards and pop quizzes just can’t.
Manufacturer: Universal Map Inc.

Gustav Klimt - Death and Life Jigsaw Puzzle

Showcasing an inspirational, touching work from Gustav Klimt, this 1,500-piece puzzle is a richly rewarding pastime. The painting was completed in 1916, just two years before the artist’s death, and it tackles the mysteries of death and rebirth in a way that is unmistakably his own. Colorful, thoughtful and sensuous, the intertwined bodies show the stages of life ala Art Nouveau. Part of Educa’s Museum Series, this puzzle comes with a lost piece guarantee, puzzle glue, a box top easel and detailed information about the artist and this piece on the back of the box. Finished puzzle measures approximately 33.5” x 23.5”.
Manufacturer: Educa
SKU: JH11261

Puzz 3D - Anif Castle - Austria Puzzle

The hills are alive with the sound of… puzzling? Escape to Salzburg, Austria with this majestic 16th century castle. Filmed in the very opening scenes of “The Sound of Music”, Anif Castle is now privately owned and is not open to visitors. But, at least you can enjoy it in your own home with this replica three-dimensional puzzle! Made of 769 foam-backed pieces, the puzzle will measure 19 7/8” x 13 ¼” x 14 5/8” when complete. It’s perfect if puzzling is one of your favorite things!
Manufacturer: Wrebbit
SKU: WR04541

Balderdash Game

Grab the bull by the horns: Balderdash is back! With new content and even a new category, this is a fresh way to separate the strange truth from creative fibs. The movie is called Buford’s Beach Bunnies. Can you guess the plot? All players write down a fake plot, except the one who knows the real answer. Mix up the responses and see if you can find the true answer. Is it about a hillbilly lifeguard? Is it about the rich owner of a barbecued rabbit sandwich empire? How about a 10-year-old who moves into the Playboy mansion? Categories are Weird Words, Marvelous Movies, Incredible Initials and Peculiar People. The answer? The real move is about a rabbit sandwich magnate. Comes with a game board, 336 game cards, an answer sheet pad, 6 movers, a die and instructions. For 2 or more players.
Manufacturer: Mattel
SKU: MAB9176

I Am With You - Shaped Puzzle

Put together this 1,000-piece, cross-shaped puzzle and reflect on the life of Christ. Here, artist William Ternay shows us some of the important moments, from his birth in a manger to preaching to crowds to gently caring for children to his final prayers in Gethsemane just before his arrest and crucifixion. Finished puzzle measures 26” x 33”.
Manufacturer: Suns Out
SKU: SO91072

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