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Kids Rule! Board Game

It’s the first game where kids get to be parents! Kids, if you’re tired of hearing “Because I said so” as the answer to your questions, here’s your chance to turn the tables. Each question is a scenario that most parents must face at some point while raising their children. Your son comes home with blue hair on the night of your brother’s wedding. What do you do? But the answer isn’t what the parents want, it’s what the kids want, because in this game – Kids Rule! The game questions were written by parents, and the answers were selected entirely by 8-14 year old children at the San Francisco School in San Francisco, CA. Everyone will have fun trying to guess how kids would behave if they were in charge. It’s a great way for parents and children to bond, understand one another, and discuss the myriad of issues that they will both face as the youngsters grow from kids to adults. (The kids’ answer, by the way, is to make the son wear a scarf or tie that matches the hair!) Game comes with 216 question cards, 4 playing pieces, game board, and instructions. For 2 or More Players, Ages 8 and Up.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 01930

Kid Sized Growth Chart Puzzle - Spider-Man and Friends

See how you size up to Spider-Man and all his friends! First, assemble the 80 large pieces. Then, seal the puzzle using the included puzzle glue. Finally, hang the puzzle on your wall, and stand up real tall! The puzzle has a growth chart feature, so you can measure yourself as you grow up! Use the height stickers to mark your spot each time. As you move up the chart, you’ll pass Spider-Girl, Captain America, and Wolverine on your way up to Spidey himself! Comes with 80 puzzle pieces, puzzle glue, and 10 height stickers. Ages 4 and Up.
Manufacturer: Warren Inc.
SKU: WA31692

Monopoly Keychain

The game box actually opens and reveals the original Monopoly game board, graphics and all. Plus, this mini Monopoly includes tiny game pieces.
Manufacturer: Basic Fun
SKU: BF535-1

Mixtery Jigsaw Puzzle - Jungle Jumble

So what is the image? It’s a Mixtery! The box top shows a jumble of jungle images with just enough hints to know that there’s a parrot and a leopard, but that green piece could belong to a fern, a tree or even an iguana. The puzzle inside is a complete wildlife montage, but unless you cheat and open up the sealed, full-color solution poster included, you won’t know what animal goes where. All Buffalo Games Puzzles are made with environmentally friendly soy based inks and recycled paperboard for both the puzzle and the package. Recycled materials are used through every step of the manufacturing process, and all parts of this puzzle are recyclable. 1026 pieces. Measures 27 x 20 when complete.
Manufacturer: Buffalo Games
SKU: BG721

Elvis “Blue Suede” Card Deck

“Well, it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready now go cat go!” Here’s a double deck of playing cards that’ll make you want to tap your foot and hum along, no matter what card game you’re playing. Two decks showcase the legendary career of the greatest solo artist of all time: one in his younger, black and white years, the other in his colorful Vegas period. Suitable for all card games, both decks are housed in a lovely royal blue velour box with golden detail and a pull out drawer. It’s a classy way to celebrate the King.
Manufacturer: US Playing Cards
SKU: UC615-02-6

Take Four Game

Faster, louder and more creative than other cross-word style games, this game has every player playing at the same time! And you’ll arrange and re-arrange your words over and over again to make it work. To start, every player gets four tiles. Use all of them on the grid and yell, “Take Four” for four more tiles. This continues, with you freely re-arranging your tiles, until someone uses the last tile and wins the game! Comes with game board, letter tiles, score pad, bonus word cards and rule book. For 2 to 8 players.
Manufacturer: Learning Resources
SKU: LR0332

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