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Tangoes - Ultra White Brain Teaser

From ancient China to modern day, Tangram puzzles have fascinated and befuddled young and old alike. According to legend, 4,000 years ago a man named Tan dropped a porcelain tile and it broke into 7 pieces. As he tried to reassemble it, he discovered and created a myriad of shapes ranging from animals to abstract forms. Through the years Tangrams have gained popularity, and it is said that at least 16,000 patterns can now be created out of the 7 shapes. Tangoes is a mind challenging game that combines artistic and mathematical elements. It will help to expand your imagination and improve your concentration, while developing problem solving skills and the ability to work in teams. Packaged in a sleek silver and white case, this Tangoes set includes 2 sets of identical puzzle pieces (1 white, 1 silver) made of firm plastic, and a pack of high quality cards containing 54 puzzles and solutions. Can be played solo, with 2 players, or in teams.
Manufacturer: Rex Games

Picnic in the Park Puzzle - Sonoma

Transport yourself to Sonoma to enjoy the sights and tastes of the California wine country. In this portrait from Cynthia Fitting, the background is full of vineyards, dairy pastures and majestic pines, while the foreground shows the table set beside sturdy oak. Nasturtium decorate the picnic table packed with veggies and—of course—wine, along with a copy of local boy Jack London’s book, Call of the Wild. Best of all, this puzzle’s 600 pieces come in a real wicker box, just like a picnic basket! There’s even a smoothie recipe on the back of the package. Finished puzzle measures 21” x 20”.
Manufacturer: Ceaco
SKU: CC1106-5

Reflections of Main Street - 1,500 Piece Puzzle

Here’s a puzzle that will take you back to simpler times. Ken Zylla captures Main Street in a rural town, reflections in the pavement created from a recent downpour. With bold color and attention to detail, Ken creates a dialogue with seemingly commonplace parts of our lives. His blending of the elements, such as weather, sunlight, time of day, the season, and his choice of subject, brings this painting to a precise place in time. This 1500 piece puzzle is approximately 23.5” x 33” when complete.
Manufacturer: F.X. Schmid
SKU: SC78947

Pictionary Game

Draw attention to yourself! With new twists like having to write blind and with your “bad” hand, this updated version of the classic game of quick draw is sure to drag your artistic confidence to even lower depths. Includes gameboard, one minute hour-glass timer, 324 cards, four movers, four pencils, four pads, a card holder and standard and challenge die.
Manufacturer: Hasbro
SKU: HB04531

AMC Reel Clues Board Game

The card reads The Big Chill. Can you get your team to guess it— by drawing a picture? And how’s your Marilyn Monroe imitation? Better yet, how’s your dad’s? Great fun for serious film buffs and regular movie lovers alike, this game from AMC gets you into the “Action!” Five different ways to play keep you on your feet, and over 1,000 movies from 1922 to 2002 keep things fresh. You’ll complete your challenges (imitations, guessing a movie from a list of clues, etc.) to earn points. Cash points in for Make a Movie cards with the names of actors, directors, screenplays and locations on them. Complete your movie and win! Comes with game board, 330 AMC Reel Clues Cards, 54 Make a Movie Cards, a Storyboard and erasable crayon, four playing pieces and a die. For 4 or more players.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 01580

Scene It? TV Editon DVD Game

Channel-changers, couch potatoes and TV devotees – this game’s for you! Finally, a DVD trivia game devoted entirely to the subject of television. From the makers of the popular movie trivia game comes Scene It? – TV Edition. Move around the board using TV-inspired game pieces – including a remote control, recliner, and a TV dinner. Answer over 1200 questions on all your favorite sit-coms, dramas, stars, theme songs, commercials and more, from yesterday and today. Trivia questions fall into the categories of Songs, Slogans and Catch Phrases, Pop Culture, and Take Three (Identify the actor, actress or TV show from 3 clues). It’s all TV all the time, but it’s not just for TV buffs! You’ll watch actual TV clips on the DVD and have to use your memory, observation skills, and puzzle solving ability to answer different challenges about what you see on-screen. Game play is the same as with Scene It? - Deluxe Edition, including the Flextime board made for short or long game play, and the special “Party Play” feature that lets the Scene It? DVD deal up one great clip after another. It’s the greatest thing to happen to TV since cable! Game comes with 1 Game DVD, 1 Flextime Game Board, 4 Metal Tokens, 200 Trivia Cards, 30 Buzz Cards, 6 Reference Cards, 1 Six-Sided Die, 1 Eight-Sided Die, and Game Instructions.
Manufacturer: Screenlife

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