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Rubik's Cube Keychain

This everyday accessory provides fidgety fun! Now, whenever the urge grabs you, you can get to work on the complicated cube. The package says there are “43 quintillion” possible combinations. That’s a lot of wrong answers! Can you find the right one? If you get desperate, a solution hints booklet is included.
Manufacturer: Hasbro
SKU: HB54034

Gopher It! Card Game

Here’s a Bright Idea Game kids will really gopher! 39 food cards feature a gopher holding apples, carrots, or nuts, ranging from 1 – 3. Each player is stockpiling for the wintertime, and the goal is to collect exactly six of one of the foods. The cards are mixed up and placed faced down in a mess at the center of the table. Each player will pick a card from the center, and then decide if they should keep picking cards. The more cards they pick, the more likely they’ll find the ones they need. But, if they pick two of the same kind of food in a row, they’ll lose all their cards! Players must be risky, but not greedy, in this card game of collecting and counting. When players collect exactly six of one food, they receive a Gopher Trophy card! Whoever wins 3 Gopher Trophy cards first, wins the game. Game comes with 50 playing cards and game instructions. 10-minute playing time. Game design by Reinhard Staupe. For 2 – 4 Players, Ages 5 and Up.
Manufacturer: Playroom Entertainment
SKU: PL72100

Phase 10 Dice Game

The action is fast and the dice are unpredictable. It's a race against your opponent to complete the phases first and score the highest points! You have 10 dice to roll and 10 different specific phases to complete before moving to the next round. With three rolls per turn the excitement builds throughout the game! For 2 to 6 players.
Manufacturer: Fundex
SKU: FX2721

Puzz 3D - European Landmarks Puzzle

These three statuesque lovelies are quite a challenge. Enjoy putting each three-dimensional puzzles together and bringing a landmark to life to life. The Eiffel Tower from France, England’s Big Ben and Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa are all here. Sturdy foam-backed pieces make it easy to put them together. The Eiffel Tower is 5” x 5” x 13-1/2”, Big Ben is 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” x 13-1/4” and The Leaning Tower of Pisa is 3-3/4” x 3-3/4” x 10”. 159 pieces in all.
Manufacturer: Wrebbit
SKU: WR04556

The Summons Jigsaw Puzzle

This extra-tough puzzle features a wizened wizard using his mystical powers. Filled with color and magical details, it’s sure to delight the fantasy enthusiast. From artist Tom Cross, this puzzle is a beautiful challenge in 1,000 pieces.
Manufacturer: Great American Puzzle Factory
SKU: GA8622

Road Scholar Game

From El Aeropuerto at the start, to Las Ruinas at the end, you’ll learn an amazing amount of Spanish while navigating the fun twists and turns along the road. Players advance along the board by correctly translating English words and phrases into Spanish. For example, if your card says “cat”, you must say the Spanish word for cat, “el gato”. The 300 game cards are divided into 2 levels of difficulty: beginning and intermediate. Also, the game can be played from English to Spanish, or Spanish to English. The audio tapes include accurate native pronunciation for all the words on the game cards to aid you with pronunciation. They also include 2 adventure stories that follow J.T. the Road Scholar and his companion Lorro the Parrot as they journey down the road towards the Ancient Ruins. The stories incorporate many of the words and phrases featured on the game cards, which make for great practice in between games. Hasta la vista, baby! Game includes 300 game cards, Two 60 minute audio cassettes, game board, die, 6 playing pieces, and game instructions. For 2 – 6 players, ages 8 and up.
Manufacturer: Talicor
SKU: TL1530

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