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Scooby-Doo! Hide and Shriek Game

It’s another adventure with Scoob and his crew. And this one is going to be scary! First, decide which character you’ll be. Oh, Fred is the only one left? OK. Now you’ll travel the game board, going to the Amusement Park, the Graveyard and other familiar “haunts.” The trick is, ghosts are everywhere, and some of them are the bad guys. Can you separate the villains from the phantoms? The special flashlight can. Shine it on your ghost to find out if it’s really the monster. Find him and you win! Comes with game board, flashlight, 8 regular villains/ghosts, 4 light-up villains/ghosts, spinner, spinner card, movers, mover stands, label sheet and instructions. 2 AAA batteries (not included) required. For 2 to 4 players.
Manufacturer: Pressman
SKU: PR4203-06

Magic 8 Ball Beauty Ball

Kneel to the teal, for the beauty ball knows all. Should I dye my hair blonde? “Signs point to yuck!” Its foresight will foil all your fashion faux pas. Do these shoes go with this outfit? “Try again.” Ok, how about these? “Try Again”. Well what do you want me to do, go barefoot? “Of course gorgeous!” Hey, maybe you’re onto something…
Manufacturer: Sababa Toys
SKU: SB801

Mc Wiz Game

Who was the New York Yankees’ famous #7? What famous poet wrote The Raven? 4,200 questions, suitable for teens and adults, help you stay sharp while you play. Your categories are Arts, Science, Sports, Places & Time and Trash (which is pop culture). Full instructions for two types of game play are included, but the concept is simply to answer the most questions correctly. (P.S., the answers are Mickey Mantle and Edgar Allan Poe.) Comes with 700 question and answer cards, score pad, pencil and five markers. For 2 or more players or teams.
Manufacturer: McWiz Games

Peanuts 550 Piece Puzzle - Ringmaster Snoopy

Step right up – Snoopy’s under the Big Top! This 550 piece jigsaw puzzle features everyone’s favorite beagle doing what he does best – being the center of attention! Surrounded by his trusty pal Woodstock and a bunch of feathered friends, Snoopy looks right at home on center stage. Thankfully at this circus, dogs are allowed! Packaged in a collectible tin box, this puzzle is part of a collector’s set celebrating the popular Peanuts characters created by Charles Schulz. Finished puzzle measures 18” x 24”.
Manufacturer: USAopoly

Toss Up Dice Game

It’s a little strategy, a lot of luck, and a whole bunch of dice-tossin’ fun in this new and addictive game. The object of the game is to be the player with the highest score over 100, which you rack up by throwing the dice and counting up the greens. As long as you roll greens you can continue to play and rack up points. But, just like a traffic light, you need to watch out for those red dice or your turn will stop and you’ll lose all of your points. So who will win the game? It’s a toss up! Game contains 10 Toss Up!ä dice, a reusable plastic storage click-case and instructions in both English and Spanish. For 2 – 6 players.
Manufacturer: Patch
SKU: PA7367

Mastermind For Kids Game

Can you find out where the jungle animals are hiding? This game takes the classic Mastermind concept and makes it fun for kids. They’ll love figuring out where the colorful monkeys, hippos, lions and more are hiding. They’ll never guess that they’re working on their matching, logic and deductive reasoning skills. Three levels of play make this the Mastermind that will grow with your child. Game comes with plastic game base with rocky mountain tray, 72 jungle animals in 6 colors, 15 red scoring pegs, 15 white scoring pegs and instructions. For 2 players.
Manufacturer: Pressman
SKU: PR3020-06

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