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Syzygy Game

This tongue-tying title is really a crazy crossword race! Fast-paced and easy to learn, it’s family fun for up to a dozen players (how many games can say that?). Here’s how it works: the tiles are placed face down, and each player draws nine. Then they use their tiles to build their own individual crossword puzzles, expanding and rearranging their puzzles as additional tiles are drawn. Out of tiles? Yell “Draw!” and everyone draws another. The first to use up their tiles stops the action, but only those with all their words spelled correctly can win the game. Instructions for several different variations (including a solitaire version) are included. For 1 to 12 players.
Manufacturer: Syzygy
SKU: SY3474

Shark Adventure Shaped Puzzle

Have you ever seen a Bonnethead Shark? A Nurse Shark? A Horn Shark? They’re all real, and you can find them all in this 800-piece puzzle. Its challenging to put together, but the rewards are great: 17 different kinds of sharks! A key on the back of the box helps you put a name with the face. It’s a creative, educational adventure from artist Lewis T. Johnson. Finished puzzle measures 30” x 25”.
Manufacturer: Great American Puzzle Factory
SKU: GA9812

Who? What? Where? Drawing Game

Can you imagine Bill Gates sumo wrestling in a trailer park? How about Oprah Winfrey pole vaulting in the zoo or even Prince Charles performing ballet in Egypt? Who? What? Where? Is an outrageous new drawing game where everyone makes a scene… on paper that is. Players pull one card each from the Who? What? and Where? card decks and have approximately 5 minutes to draw their scene. Then players pass their drawings to the right and the other players attempt to guess who the drawing is about, what their doing and where they are. Each player gets to guess at every other players drawing by writing it down on their score sheet. And players don’t need to guess the entire scene in order for the artist to score points. Identification of any one or two of the three components will give the artist a score. Not an artist? Not a problem! The worse your drawing is, the more fun the game can be! Game includes 120 Who Cards, 120 What cards, 120 Where cards, blank drawing pad, score sheets and instructions. For 3 or more players.

Ranked a Top 10 Coolest Game of 2003 from the Chicago Tribune and Best New Game of 2003 from the San Francisco Chronicle.
Manufacturer: Pazow!
SKU: PZ0002

Mancala (Travel Edition)

The strategy game from Africa now can be played anywhere, anytime! For thousands of years, people have enjoyed playing a simple game of strategy called Mancala—an arithmetic challenge to capture the most pieces in your mancala bowl. Travel Mancala’s sturdy hinge and fastener make it perfect for travel. Features three sets of rules. Made from the non-endangered, plantation-grown wood of the raintree. The object is to collect the most beads in your large mancala bowls by sequentially dropping stones around the board.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 09911

New York City Jigsaw Puzzle

This city never sleeps, and neither will you after you start working on this brilliant 5,000 piece puzzle. A pre-9/11 New York looks back on the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun reveals the Big Apple in all her splendor! You’ll need to be as indefatigable as the denizens of America’s storied city in order to finish this one. Approximately 40” x 60” when complete.
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
SKU: RB17413

An Angel's Gift Jigsaw Puzzle

Who brings the rain and sun to make the flowers grow? A tiny angel with gossamer wings and an ethereal watering can. Renowned artist Dona Gelsinger is loved for her images of nature and angels. This special painting expresses her spirituality and sensitivity to nature. The play of light and color exemplify a dewy morning in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, where she and her family now live. 1,000 pieces and approximately 27 x 19 when complete.
Manufacturer: MasterPieces Puzzles
SKU: MP70107

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