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Cranium Board Game in a Tin

Now America’s favorite game comes in its very own Cranium tin! Everyone will have a chance to shine as your team hums, whistles, sketches, sculpts, acts, puzzles, and even spells backwards to win. You will not believe what your friends can do! Be the first team to move clockwise around the board and into Cranium Central where your team will complete its final activities to win. Includes Cranium game board, 800 Cranium cards, ten-sided Cranium die, a tub of cool Cranium Clay, timer, four funky Cranium play pieces, rules and Custom Cranium pads and pencils.
Manufacturer: Cranium
SKU: CN00099

Double Tangoes Brain Teaser

It takes two to tangoe! Just as with regular Tangoes, the object of this mind challenging game is to replicate an image on a card using the pieces from a tangram puzzle. In Double Tangoes, the tangrams are made out of 14 pieces instead of 7. There are two identical sets of tangram puzzle pieces included, one in raspberry and one in dark green. 108 cards feature original designs ranging from animals to abstract images to action figures. You must form the image on the card using all 14 puzzle pieces of the same color set. Play solo, against an opponent, or with teams. You’ll use creativity, logic, and problem solving skills as you try to piece together the images. Game comes with 108 images and solutions, 2 tangram puzzles made of 14 pieces each, and a drawstring travel bag for on-the-go entertainment. Ages 7 and Up.
Manufacturer: Rex Games

Atari Classic 10 in 1 TV Games

Re-visit the halcyon days of video games, when a human being was nothing more than a square dot. If you’ve ever said, “In myyyy dayyy we didn’t have any fancy heads or legs on our people. We were squares – and we liked it!”, then this is the game for you. You’ll have all the excitement of playing an Atari 2600, without having to blow on the cartridges or switch your wires from TV to Computer. 10 classic Atari games have been programmed into a replica of an Atari 2600 joystick: Asteroids, Missile Command, Breakout, Centipede, Adventure, Gravitar, Pong, Yar’s Revenge, Real Sports Volleyball, and Circus Atari. Just simply plug the joystick into your TV or VCR’s yellow and white AV output jacks, and assume your favorite Atari position circa 1983. It’s that simple! Do you remember how hard it was to keep your spaceship from drifting into hyperspace on Asteroids? Do you still know your way through Adventure’s maze like the back of your hand? Do you regret that you never found the elusive secret dot? Well now’s your chance to find it! Re-live the magical Atari moments of your youth with every press of the giant orange button. You’ll be glad you did. Your thumb won’t, but you will. Requires 4 AA batteries to play (not included). Ages 5 and Up.
Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific Inc.
SKU: KT58079

The Simpson's Jeopardy Game

We’ve seen a lot of Simpson’s trivia over the past couple of years (a lot), but this game is far better than most. Hilarious and challenging but not arcane, this game is a perfect marriage of the two smartest shows on TV. You’ll play like regular Jeopardy, choosing questions in increasing levels of difficulty from witty categories like “Bart Imitates Life,” “I, Cletus” and “Worst Category Ever.” Ready to play? “I’ll take ‘Krusty Gets Kancelled’ for $200.” She refused to do his Komeback Special. “Who is Elizabeth Taylor?” Yes! All that time in front of the TV was well spent. Game comes with 35 Game Sheets (featuring 1,750 answers), question booklet, game console, play money, value display cards, clickers, a die and instructions. For 3 to 5 players.
Manufacturer: Pressman
SKU: PR5455-06

A Box of Silly Word Games

A winner in quality and creativity, this handy box is filled with fun word games you can play with the kids, at a party or anywhere. Try this one. A player picks a word. Everyone must make a sentence from each letter in the word. For example, if the word is Heart: Hairy ears aren’t real tasty. Or be asked a question and only allowed to answer with two letters: your initials! These games are good for the vocabulary and great for the funny bone. Best of all, this sturdy box is filled with extra-thick cards, so it’s built to last. For 2 or more players.
Manufacturer: Great American Puzzle Factory
SKU: GA7004

Old Bachelor Card Game

Old Maid has finally met her match! Join Rita Rock 'n' Roller and Phyllis the Physicist in the 90's version of a classic game of chance. Collect pairs of accomplished women - while they try not to get stuck with the Old Bachelor! Kids love the excitement and learn that little girls can be anything they want to be. Card deck features beautiful, entertaining illustrations.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 01517

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