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CSI: Miami 1000 Piece Mystery Puzzle - The Crush

Now fans of the hit TV show CSI Miami can take a crack at solving a case on their own! The body of a man in a tuxedo is discovered in the Florida Everglades, but he is almost impossible to identify because nearly every bone in his body has been broken. Do you have what it takes to be a Crime Scene Investigator? First, assemble the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle using only the crime scene blueprint. The puzzle image is not located anywhere on the box! Then, read the crime lab’s analysis of the evidence and your interviews with the prime suspects. Finally, with the clues from the puzzle and the interviews, use the code to solve the mystery. It’s a Forensic Jigsaw Puzzle that will keep you befuddled ‘til the end! Puzzle measures 23” x 29” when complete.
Manufacturer: Bepuzzled
SKU: 35231

Tropical Palette Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s a colorful challenge in 1,000 pieces. The exotic beauties of nature are shown here grouped by shade, creating a rainbow unlike any other. You’ll see a red azalea, an orange butterfly, a yellow daffodil, a green parrot, a blue peacock a purple iris and much more. Dripping paint tubes above illustrate the artist’s point beautifully. Finished puzzle measures approximately 19-¼” x 26-½”.
Manufacturer: Great American Puzzle Factory
SKU: GA8635

Playground Peek and Seek Jigsaw Puzzle Game

The Peek and Seek Playground Jigsaw Puzzle Game combines the fun of puzzle building, with a word and observation skills game. To play, kids first make the Playground puzzle. Then they stack the 24 clue cards in a pile. They turn over the top card and everyone tries to guess what word the two pictures on the card make. When the word is guessed correctly, anybody can try to find the object in the puzzle. The first to find it gets the card. This game helps young children build vocabulary skills with picture clue cards and word solutions. Includes 100 piece puzzle, 24 game cards, and solution sheet. Completed puzzle is 11.5” x 16.25”.
Manufacturer: Great American Puzzle Factory
SKU: GA600

A Day In The Sun Jigsaw Puzzle

How many ways are there to enjoy a sunny day? Artist Alexander Chen shows us most of them in this leisurely portrait packed with detail. Put together the 1,000 oversized pieces and enjoy people enjoying the parks, beaches, boardwalk and more. Finished puzzle measures 27” x 35”.
Manufacturer: Suns Out
SKU: SO56330

Hedbanz For Kids Game

Got something on your mind? You sure do! It’s a picture, but of what? Maybe you’re a rhino… or a pitcher… or an apple. You’ll have to guess. You start the game with three tokens. When it’s your turn, flip the timer and ask your friends as many yes or no questions as you can until the sand runs out. Guess what you are and you’ll get rid of one token. Get rid of all three tokens and you win! Comes with six Headbanz, a deck of Headbanz cards, a timer and game tokens. For 2 to 6 players.
Manufacturer: Patch Products
SKU: PA7376

Thomas Kinkade Inspirations 300 Piece Puzzle - Hour of Prayer

“Giving joy to others adds dabs of joy-color to our own hearts.” Thomas Kinkade’s use of color and light create a stirring portrait of a waterside patio. As water softly cascades down a waterfall and lands in a reflecting pool, it creates a poignant moment for reflection upon one’s own life situation. With a sundial standing alone under a weeping willow, one can easily imagine time standing still in their hour of prayer. From the “Inspirations” series, this puzzle is made of 300 oversized pieces and measures 24” x 18” when complete.
Manufacturer: Ceaco
SKU: CC2202-3

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