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Undersea Exploration Glow-in-the-Dark Jigsaw Puzzle

This kids puzzle is a tidal wave of fun and information. When they put together the 100 pieces, they’ll dive down deep in a submarine, meeting all kinds of colorful creatures on the way. There’s a hammmerhead shark, an octopus, starfish and so many more. Finished with the puzzle? OK, turn out the lights. It really glows! Finished puzzle measures 11-1/2” x 16-1/4”.
Manufacturer: Great American Puzzle Factory
SKU: GA553

All About Chocolate Puzzle

This 1026 piece puzzle features a beautiful picture of chocolate, surrounded by colorful scenes detailing its rich history. The Grenada Chocolate Company helped in the research and on-site photography for this jigsaw puzzle. One of only a handful of small chocolate producers, the company believes quality comes in small batches, produced from local cocoa. You’ll become a chocolate expert and have a terrific story-telling puzzle to display. 27” x 20” when complete.
Manufacturer: Buffalo Games
SKU: BG783

Name Dropper Game

What’s in a name? Winning the game! This game challenges you to get your team to guess the names of famous people and places on three levels of play: say anything, say one thing and say nothing. Otherwise known as shouting out everything you can think of, carefully choosing one word and charades. Sometimes it’s easy (you draw Daffy Duck and shout “Thufferin’ thuckatash!”), but sometimes it’s sure not (how will you get your team to guess The White House without talking?). The cool game unit shoots cards to you and keeps track of the time, too. Game comes with Name Dropper Unit (electronic card dispenser with a 30-second timer), 400 cards, 1 score pad and instructions. 3 AAA batteries (not included) required. For 4 or more players in teams.
Manufacturer: Mattel
SKU: MA42874

Natural Wood Jigsaw Puzzle Frame 18 x 24

Can’t bear to take it apart when you’re finished? You don’t have to! This high-quality natural wood frame will perfectly fit one 18” x 24” jigsaw puzzle. With easy assembly instructions, it’s the perfect way to preserve your favorite puzzle. Most 550-piece puzzles measure 18” x 24”, but any puzzle that measures this size will fit within the frame.
Manufacturer: MasterPieces Puzzles
SKU: MP50401

Easi-Art Maker Cool Clay Creations Craft Kit

Want to make a magnet that looks like a hot dog? How about dressing up your backpack with a zipper pull shaped like a heart? Oooh! Or you could make a key chain with your name on it! This kit is packed with everything you need to make countless clay creations: five colors of Sculpey bakeable clay, zipper pulls, magnetic strips, a rolling pin, a sculpting tool and illustrated instructions. All you need is your oven!
Manufacturer: Curiosity Kits
SKU: CK508

Super Scrabble Crossword Game

Introducing the hot new game that you already know how to play! If you’re looking to expand your Scrabble experience, you’ll be glad to find this suped-up edition. Featuring double the tiles, more letter spaces, and cool new scoring features like quadruple word and letter scores. Comes with 200 letter tiles, 441-space game board, 4 wood tile racks, drawstring cloth bag, score pad and special Super Scrabble Booklet with rules, history and tips. For 2 to 4 players.
Manufacturer: Winning Moves
SKU: WM1079

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