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Monopoly - Peanuts Collector's Edition

The whole family will want to take a crack at these Peanuts! Travel around the gameboard and enjoy the characters and scenes we all grew up with—or are growing up with. Maybe you’ll buy Woodstock on Ice, Pigpen or The Red Baron. The gang’s all here! Psychiatric Booth and Pitcher’s Mound cards replace Chance and Community Chest with charming cartoons like, “Happiness is a warm puppy. Advance to Snoopy.” You’ll enjoy custom Snoopy Money (featuring his Joe Cool likeness) and six collectible pewter tokens: Snoopy’s Dog House, Lucy’s Psychiatric Booth, Schroeder’s Piano, Snoopy’s Supper Dish, Charlie Brown’s Football and Woodstock. For 2 to 6 players.
Manufacturer: USAopoly
SKU: UP167

Sanyo AA Batteries - 2 Pack

Make sure you’ve got the power! Pick up a pack of AA batteries and save yourself a trip to the drugstore when your electronic goodies arrive.
Manufacturer: zBattery
SKU: ZB001

Deluxe Tri-Ominos Game

It’s already the most fun you can have with triangles, so how do you make Tri-Ominios better? Go deluxe! This handsome set uses heavyweight crystalline playing pieces, which are smooth to the touch and crafted for durability. Then put the whole shebang in a sturdy, portable tin. The winning concept is still the same: match the numbers on the sides of the triangles to discard a tile. It’s like dominoes for smarties! And this superior set is ready to travel and built to last. Comes with 56 deluxe Tri-Ominos and instructions. For 2 to 6 players.
Manufacturer: Pressman
SKU: PR4419-06

Gobblet Game

Are you bored with tic-tac-toe? Think you know all the moves that will prevent you from losing? Then you’ve never tried Gobblet – a four-in-a-row, tic-tac-toe game where you can move pieces around the board to increase your chances of winning – or losing. Simply move your piece to a vacant spot, or gobble up an opponent’s smaller piece to gain the advantage. Pay close attention to the board – by moving a piece, you may uncover a previously gobbled up token that will have your opponent declaring victory! Includes wooden game board and storage area, 24 wooden Gobblets, and instructions. For 2 players.

Winner of the following awards: 2002 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, 2002 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award Winner, San Francisco Chronicle's Best New Game - 4 Stars, Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Product and 10 Best Games, and NAPPA Children's Resources Gold Award. Voted one of the Best Educational Toys of the Year on MSNBC's Today Show.
Manufacturer: Blue Orange Games
SKU: BL00100


This hand-held maze does something totally different: it moves! As you move your stylus (a pen-shaped, plastic mover) through the maze, you’ll come to some moveable walls. Push them left or right to completely change your challenge. Careful not to trap yourself! 16 challenges are printed on the back, varying in difficulty from basic to advanced, so this is a maze that will truly amaze for hours. Comes with durable, plastic maze, stylus and instructions.
Manufacturer: ThinkFun
SKU: BA5820

Dora the Explorer Card Game

Come on! Vamanos! Let’s Play! Dora is ready to go on a new adventure. This time, it’s a card game that easily goes anywhere you do. Collect the four tools that fit in her backpack and win the game! Big, colorful cards featuring Dora and her friends are beautifully illustrated and easy to hold on to. Plus, this game reinforces key developmental skills such as early reading and basic Spanish. For 2 to 6 players.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 01262

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