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Disney Vintage Posters - Mickey and Minnie Whoopee Party Jigsaw Puzzle

Mickey and Minnie sure are having fun! Maybe that’s because it’s the old days and the Brad and Jennifer of their day are starring in their own feature film. Put together the promotional lithograph yourself and enjoy a lithograph exploding with color. It’s a snap in 1,000 pieces. Finished puzzle measures 27” x 20”.
Manufacturer: Buffalo Games
SKU: BG1145

Panoramic Stadium Puzzle - Heinz Field Inaugural Game

It’s October 7, 2001 and the iron men of the gridiron are about to celebrate their first victory in a brand-new stadium. It’s the first game at Heinz Field, and it looks like everyone in Pittsburgh has come to enjoy the new digs. Everyone except cheerleaders, that is. Put together this 616-piece puzzle and enjoy a panoramic photograph of this historic moment in Steeler’s history—it’s three feet long! Finished puzzle measures 12” x 36”.
Manufacturer: Everlasting Images

El Gran Tarot Esoterico

Based on the traditional design of le Tarot de Marseille, El Gran Tarot Esoterico (The Great Esoteric Tarot) has some distinct differences that make this deck an interesting addition to your collection. Although the drawings on the cards are crude and almost childlike, the symbolism is unique and will add depth to the understanding of the cards to any reader. Each card in the major arcana contains its corresponding planetary, astrological and Hebrew symbols. The minor arcana cards are not labeled including the court cards, however, each of the pip cards are different and contain the cards symbolic representation. In this printing the back of the deck contains a beautifully rendered seven-pointed star or septagram embedded with planetary symbols. El Gran Tarot Esoterico contains the traditional 78 cards, 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards, and instruction booklet in English, Spanish, and French. Card size is 4 3/8” x 2 3/8”.
Manufacturer: US Playing Cards
SKU: UC175

Pizza, Beer and a Movie Jigsaw Puzzle

Enjoy three great puzzles in one box! Here you’ll find everything you need for the perfect evening: a flick, a brew and a pie. One puzzle features movie posters from the recent and not-so-recent past (from King Kong to Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Rocky), one features dozens of beers from around the world, and one features a delicious pizza. Pepperoni, mushroom and peppers of course. Puzzles are 200 pieces and packaged separately, though you could certainly mix them up for an even bigger challenge. Finished puzzles each measure 12” x 12”.
Manufacturer: Great American Puzzle Factory
SKU: GA7300

Pirate's Cove - 500 Piece Puzzle

Picture yourself on a boat in a river, a bejeweled mermaid and playful sea creatures swimming beneath you. Up above, a flying angel sets a blue-eyed sun in a tangerine sky. With American flags, a lighthouse, and a hot air balloon, you’ll be on your way to Pirate’s Cove, a 500 piece puzzle that will be 18” X 24” when complete. You’ll enjoy discovering this whimsical detailed scene created by artist Jessica Fries.
Manufacturer: FX Schmid
SKU: SC78424

Non-Violent Politically Correct War Card Game

War has changed over time, but the card game bearing its name hasn't changed since it was first played in the 14th century - until now! For the first time, War incorporates Love, Peace, Diversity, and Unity! It's a whimsical twist on an age-old card game. Compete to get rid of your cards first, while trying to avoid the heavily-armed Joker (the weakest card). Card deck features beautiful, entertaining illustrations.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 01518

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