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Chutes and Ladders Keychain

The exciting up and down game for little people is now available on a little keychain! This miniature version opens up to reveal a game board and has a secret drawer that stores a spinner and 4 game pieces. Now go find that kitten in need of rescue!
Manufacturer: Basic Fun
SKU: BF548-2

Autobridge Beginner

Learn the fundamentals of bridge from the experts! Our self-teaching bridge game offers clear, simple lessons and 48 practice hands. Select a deal sheet and place it into the game board. Throughout the course of a game, each hand is uncovered through the board's windows. Bid and play for yourself, and Autobridge bids for your opponents. It approves your correct bids and cards and rectifies your wrong moves, requiring you to think again. An accompanying booklet analyzes the bids and the play of each hand, teaching you to reason like an expert. Innovative learning tool and lots of fun! Plastic case measures 6-3/4 x 5-1/4.
Manufacturer: John N. Hansen Co.
SKU: JH1006

The Doodletop Book

Get set to draw dazzling designs with your Doodletops, the top that draws! Wiggle the pen across the page as you doodle a plateful of spaghetti or hilarious hairdo for a fashion model. Tilt the Doodletop tray to create unique designs and guide where you want the pen to draw. This book contains three long-lasting Doodletops, a specially designed Doodletop activity tray, 16 super activity pages and fancy art paper for your own Doodletop creations! A great inside activity.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 60605

Winnie the Pooh© Playing Cards in a Tin

Take a trip to Hundred Acre Wood. This collectible tin includes two decks of superior quality playing cards, both filled with colorful scenes with Tigger, Pooh and all of their adorable friends. One deck features Tigger on the card backs and the other features Pooh, but the faces of all cards contain familiar characters from the entire 100 Acre Wood. This set is great for young kids and older Pooh fans alike, and the embossed tin case is a great keepsake for anyone. Deck is suitable for all card games.
Manufacturer: US Playing Cards
SKU: UC663-M2-6

Escape From the Haunted House Jigsaw Puzzle

Artist Al Lorenz gives us another Mythic Maze! Boo!! You're in the damp, dark basement and there's no escape…or is there? You’re in the Haunted House, where it’s Halloween all year long and behind every door scary things await you. Assemble the 1,000 piece puzzle and then make your escape through an elaborate maze of stairs and rooms. If you’re lost in the maze use the decoder disc to reveal hidden clues. You will laugh and marvel at the facts and legends that are in the puzzle. The puzzle is approximately 27” x 19” when complete.

A 2004 Games Magazine Games 100 honoree in the Puzzles category.
Manufacturer: MasterPieces Puzzles
SKU: MP70216

ASAP Card Game

The game play is easy to pick up— so the game is hard to put down! You’ll have two decks of cards: one deck of letter cards (A to Z) and one deck of category (types of dogs, names of movie stars, etc .) Flip over the top card on each deck. The card on the left is B. The card on the right is types of dogs. Got one? Bulldog? Boxer? Be the first to yell out your answer and keep the cards. The most cards win the game! Fun for the whole family, it’s snazzy, sturdy packaging is perfect for suitcases, glove boxes or anywhere else you’d like to bring along the fun. For 2 or more players.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 01562

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