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Missing Piece Mystery Puzzle - Cursed Cargo

A professor and a group of graduate students are on an expedition in the Yucatan Peninsula. One of the students is found dead, with no obvious cause. Did their trek through sacred grounds bring on a Mayan curse, or could one of the students have done the deed? Read the short story, assemble the puzzle, and solve the mystery. All the clues you will need are hidden within the puzzle’s picture. The solution is printed in reverse type on the back of the booklet – hold it up to a mirror to find out if your guess is right! This mystery puzzle includes a 12-page Mystery Story Booklet, and a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle. Finished puzzle measures 18 15/16” x 26 ¾” when complete. The puzzle image is different from the box cover image.
Manufacturer: Warren Inc.
SKU: WA97371-4

Operation Game

The ankle bone's connected to the knee bone. Players take turns removing different parts of the body until the patient is completely cured. Be very careful. One clip of the tweezers and the patient will cry out and his nose light up! The most successful surgeon wins the most money...and the game! For 1 or more players.
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
SKU: HB4545

Princess & The Pea Board Game

Are you a real princess? In this game, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s timeless fairy tale, each player starts out as a princess on a single mattress. But as you move along the game board, you’ll add more and more until you’ve got a regular bedtime tower! Spin the spinner and the spaces will tell you what to do. Build the highest bed to win! Comes with 40 plastic stackable beds, 4 princes stickers, spinner, tri-fold game board and rules. For 2 to 4 players.
Manufacturer: Winning Moves
SKU: WM1055

Monopoly - The Simpsons Edition

Looks like Springfield’s for sale. As Nelson would say: “HA ha!” Here’s the premise: the Monorail has come to town, and, eager to cash in on its success, town residents are buying up everything in sight. Moe’s, the Kwik-E-Mart and the Power Plant are all for sale. Totally customized, the game includes six collectible pewter tokens: Bart, Homer, Kang the alien, Blinky the three-eyed fish, Santa’s Little Helper and Jebediah Springfield. Monorail stops and stations replace houses and hotels and the Chance and Community Chest cards, money and game board are also customized. Simpsons fans just got what we needed most—- one more way to uselessly while away our time!
Manufacturer: USAopoly
SKU: UP137

Alias Board Game

This is a frantic game of verbal interaction, played in teams. One person per team tries to explain a word on a card using synonyms, antonyms, definitions or descriptions, and the rest of the team must correctly guess the exact word. The team tries to guess as many words as possible before the timer runs out, and then it’s the next team’s turn. Teams move forward on the game board for every correct guess, but move backward for each word they skip or if the explainer used any part of the word in trying to describe it. The first team to reach the finish wins! Sound easy enough? Maybe when the word is “statue” or “cry”. But what about when it’s “foolhardy” or “snake charmer”? Remember, only exact guesses count! 400 game cards have 8 words per card, meaning there are 3,200 words in the game for you to explain! Game comes with game board, 400 Alias cards, 6 playing pieces, 1 hourglass timer, and game instructions. For 4 or more players, ages 7 and up.
Manufacturer: Alary Games
SKU: ALTC02228

Puzz 3D - Big Ben Puzzle

The Great Clock of Westminster is one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Europe. Affectionately known as Big Ben, the nickname actually refers to the clock’s bell, named after London’s first commissioner of works, Sir Benjamin Hall. Now that you know the history, why not grab some fish and chips and put this bad boy together? The tower will stand over 2 feet when complete, and is made up of 373 pieces. At intermediate level, it’s a brilliant puzzle to assemble, at tea-time or anytime!
Manufacturer: Wrebbit
SKU: WR04642

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