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Monopoly Junior Game

Set up ticket booths, then add, subtract and even multiply as you collect fees when other players land on your booths. Chance cards send you around the colorful carnival board: maybe you'll Go to the Fireworks...or pay $3 to take the Tramway to the Rest Room! Sooner or later, somebody will run out of money and the game ends. Count up your case. If you've got the most, you win this junior game that's big on fun! For 2 to 4 players.
Manufacturer: Parker Brothers
SKU: HB00441

Pet Portraits - Purrs and Snores Jigsaw Puzzle

What a cute group! It’s naptime for these five fluffy friends, and, despite their traditional differences, they’re all cuddled up together, snug and sweet. It’s a 500-piece puzzle with a message: the young can overcome. Plus, it’s a sleepy pile of kittens and puppies, and there is just nothing cuter in the known world. It’s another fine and furry work from master animal photographer Leanne Giblett-Denys. Finished puzzle measures approximately 19.5” x 13.5”.
Manufacturer: Crown & Andrews
SKU: CA9199

Mexican Train Game Set

Mexican Train dominoes is the new rage! With this great set you get the train station hub (complete with train noises), eight engines for up to 8 players, a ninth Mexican Train engine, and instructions. Mexican Train is played with double-twelve dominoes (which are not included). Play spreads out from the center hub as players try to be first to discard all their dominoes. Your dominoes can only be played on your own train until someone can’t play on their own train. They then take their engine from the hub and place it on the end of their train and others can begin to play on their train. When that player is able to play on their own train again, they return their engine to the center hub. Anyone can play on the Mexican Train (designated by a black engine). The game can be ended when someone goes out, or players can count the pips on the dominoes remaining in their hand and keep score. The lowest score after a set number of rounds wins.
Manufacturer: Fundex
SKU: FX5477

Beatles Jigsaw Tin - A Hard Day's Night Puzzle

Take a trip back to 1964, when the Fab Four headed up the British invasion with their “long” hair and mod suits. This collectible puzzle showcases A Hard Day’s Night packaged in an eye-catching 6” x 6” tin you’ll want to display. Double-sided for twice the challenge, this 300-piece puzzle features the album cover on one side (John, George, Paul and Ringo’s faces) and the back on the other (the great photo of the Fab Four in front of the American flag). It’ll have you “working like a dog!” Finished puzzle measures 12.5” x 12.5”.
Manufacturer: Hasbro
SKU: HB49285-2

Don Manolo - Spanish Playing Cards

Dating back to at least the 14th Century, Spanish playing cards sprang from Arab influence during the Middle Ages. This 40-card deck features traditional Spanish artwork and can be used in fortune telling, as well as the popular Basque card game Mus. Although it seldom played for money, the game of Mus is similar to Poker in that cards are drawn and bets are placed as to who has the best hand, and there is much bluffing involved. The numbered cards range from 1 – 7, and there are 3 court cards, the Knave, the Cavalier, and the King. The 4 traditional suits are Coins, Cups, Swords, and Batons.
Manufacturer: US Playing Cards
SKU: UC931-R

The Fairly Odd Parents Game

From Nickelodeon comes another wild and wacky game for kids based on a hit TV show. Pretend you're Timmy’s godparents and grant him three wishes. But beware: they can be crazy! You might have to talk in a strange voice, spin in a circle before every turn and much more. But it’s worth it to help little Timmy get what he wants… right? Game comes with gameboard, spinner, 54 magic cards, 18 wish tiles, 4 Godparent gamepieces, 1 Vicky gamepiece, 5 plastic stands and instructions.
Manufacturer: Hasbro
SKU: HB40482

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