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All-American Puzzle - Stamp Flag

Postal and patriotic, this American flag is a little different. Along the stars and stripes you will find hundreds of little gems: U.S. postage stamps. They bring color, history and charm to this challenging 1,000-piece puzzle. Collage artist Diana van Ness says, “The fladg is the canvas for a collage of 1,443 stamps dating from the 1870’s to the present. The stars are postmarks from all 50 states; a symbol of American individualism and American collectiveness.” Finished puzzle measures 27” x 20”.
Manufacturer: Ceaco
SKU: CC3306-1

Scooby-Doo Pal Size Puzzle

Scooby is looking rrealy rrather rorty, isn’t he? The hero of the longest-running cartoon on television is oh-so Great Danish sitting in this made-to-fit sports car and sporting a cool pair of shades! This 46 piece puzzle is nearly three feet tall!
Manufacturer: Pressman
SKU: PR4316

Puzz 3D - Dracula's Castle Puzzle

You can almost hear the cry of wolves and feel the heavy fog on your arms as you race through the Romanian countryside towards Dracula’s Castle. This 700 piece, three-dimensional puzzle is sure to delight puzzle fans with its complexity and detail. Open up the back of the castle and you can peer inside at the lavish stairwells and decorations along the walls or take a walk through the cemetery on the castle grounds. This sturdy foam-backed puzzle is rated as “difficult.” Puzzle measures 12” x 17” x 13 3/8” when completed.
Manufacturer: Wrebbit
SKU: WR00918

Classic Children's Stories Puzzle I

Here are four favorites for your fairy tale fan. In this charming book-shaped box, you’ll find Goldilocks being discovered by the Three Bears, you’ll see The Owl and the Pussycat sailing along, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary giving her flowers a talking to and Hansel and Gretel discovering a delicious gingerbread house. All are beautifully illustrated by renowned children’s artist Scott Gustafson. Put together each 12-piece puzzle and have volumes of fun! Pieces are extra big so they’re easy for little hands to hold. Four puzzles in all.
Manufacturer: Blue Opal
SKU: 36030

Quests of the Round Table Game

This adventure card game takes you into the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Can you join their ranks? You’ll have allies like Merlin and Sir Lancelot to help you, but you’re starting out as a lowly squire and will have to prove yourself. Compete in Quests (a series of battles in which you play your Foe and Weapon cards to try to win) or Tournaments (playing Ally, Weapon and shield cards to win) to advance. It’s a role playing game for beginners, with increasing levels of complexity that will make it entertaining for hours and hours. Winner, National Parenting Publications Award. Game includes 125 adventure cards, 28 story cards, 12 rank cards, 40 shield tokens, instructions and history questionnaire. For 2 to 4 players.
Manufacturer: Gamewright
SKU: GW101

Tropical Impressions - 18,000 Piece Puzzle

Here’s the supreme challenge for the most ardent puzzle practicioner: The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle! The puzzle comes in 4 bags of 4,560 pieces each, that’s 18,000 in total. Complete it one section at a time, or mix them all together for the ultimate challenge! You’ll receive a 36” x 25” picture guide, a puzzle description, and tips to help you in your journey through the jungle. The puzzle itself is a vibrant scene featuring a lush tropical rainforest full of parrots, monkeys, cheetahs, and a cascading waterfall. So clear out a large space (6 x 9 feet!), roll up your sleeves, and get down to business. It’s a jungle out there! 18,000 pieces. Measures 74.9” x 107.6” (or 6 x 9 feet) when complete.
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
SKU: RB17834

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