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Hautman Brothers Collection - Breakfast at Bass Lake Jigsaw Puzzle

Each a distinguished wildlife artist in his own right, the three Hautman brothers have come together to create a special series of nature puzzles. This one plunges you into mealtime for a wide-mouthed bass. His shimmering scales and the crisp waters look lovely against the soft morning sky. But that mosquito is a goner. It’s a challenge you’ll love putting together in 1,000 pieces. Finished puzzle measures 27” x 20”.
Manufacturer: Buffalo Games
SKU: BG1131

Tip of the Tongue Game

The questions are easy, but can you spit out the answers in 2 seconds flat? If you can, your team will rack up lots of points. If you can’t, the electronic tongue timer will have you tongue-tied! What 70’s President said, “I am not a crook?” Which body part grows when Pinocchio tells a lie? What is the mother of invention? The answers, of course, are Nixon, Nose and Necessity. But if you had to stop and think, you’ve already lost the point! In this rapid-fire team trivia game, having the answer at the tip of your tongue is not enough – you have to spit it out before the tongue timer taunts you! With over 1,000 trivia questions, this fast paced party game is totally tongue in cheek…er, out of cheek! Comes with 84 double-sided trivia cards, buzzer case with built in tongue timer, and game instructions. For 2-8 Players, Ages 8 and Up.
Manufacturer: Fundex Games
SKU: FX8600

Spellbound - Shaped Puzzle

Do you know what the future holds for you? Help the sorcerer read the signs of the Zodiac as he casts his spells across the land. The all-powerful wizard dominates the scene depicted by artist, Sally Smith, as ancient creatures and magical symbols provide a mystique that is altogether otherworldly. This 1,000-piece puzzle measures 29” x 40 ½” when completed. Spiritual guidance not required.
Manufacturer: F.X. Schmid
SKU: SC78013

Spite & Malice Card Game

A little meanness. Some minor annoyances. All in the name of fun! To start the game, deal 8 cards to form each player’s Card Stack, turning the top card face-up. On your turn, pick cards from the Draw Pile so that you start each turn with 5 cards. Cards are then played in the center of the table consecutively from 1 to 13. To end your turn, play a card from your hand into one of four Store Piles in front of you. As you play, you may select cards from your Card Stack, hand, or Store Pile, with the goal of being the first to get rid of your entire Card Stack. Here’s where the fun comes in – the game includes 7 wild cards that can be used as any number (except 1s, 2s, 7s, or 13s) or as a special Spite card to change the balance of the game. In addition, each time you play the 13th card in the stack, you get to invoke Malice on an opponent by adding a card to their Card Stack. Contains 110 cards and illustrated instructions. For 2 to 5 players.
Manufacturer: Hasbro
SKU: HB40358

Professional Poker

From Celebrity Poker to the World Poker Tournament, this classic card game is enjoying yet another comeback in its long career. And now you can join in the fun with this basic poker set that includes everything you need to know and all the equipment you’ll need to get started. Learn the popular Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hold ‘Em, Draw, and 5, 6, 7, or 8 Card Stud while tossing the thick, quality chips on the table and passing around the dealer button. Game includes 88 quality poker chips (44 white, 22 red, 22 blue) in stackable chip tray, one deck of playing cards, on dealer button and book of instructions for 10+ different versions of poker, ranking of poker hands, and glossary.
Manufacturer: Jax Ltd.
SKU: JAX6060

Connect Four Keychain

Have some four wheelin’ fun with this Connect Four keychain! It’s a miniature replica of the classic game, complete with a fold-up game grid and 42 game pieces.
Manufacturer: Basic Fun
SKU: BF543-1

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