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The Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation Board Game

Using hidden movement, each player controls nine vital characters from The Lord of the Rings such as Ringwraiths, Orcs, the Balrog, and all the characters from the Fellowship. The player controlling the Fellowship seeks to move Frodo from the Shire to Mordor and the player controlling Sauron seeks to prevent Frodo from doing so. By using each character's unique special skill, clever card-play, and strategic movement, the best player will decide the fate of Middle Earth. The Confrontation is a complete 2-player board game.

A 2003 Games Magazine Games 100 honoree in the Family Games category.
Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

WordThief Game

It’s the ultimate strategic card game requiring brains, luck, and a little larceny! Consisting of 108 letter cards in standard suits (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs), WordThief asks players to construct valid English words from their seven-card hands. Players collect scoring chips for each word they create. Words formed entirely from one suit are protected from theft, (“wordlocked”), but those comprised from two or more suits are vulnerable to the next Word Thief. It’s a challenging, stimulating word game the whole family can enjoy! Comes with 108 letter cards in four different suits, 100 scoring chips in four colors, scorepad and game instructions. For 2 – 4 Players, Ages 9 and Up.
Manufacturer: Faby Games
SKU: FA001

Monaco Grand Prix Jigsaw Puzzle

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the oldest and well-known races in the world. A part of the Formula 1 circuit and one of the last true street races left, this event draws spectators from all over the planet. In this light-hearted tribute, cartoonist Jean-Jacques Loup pokes fun at the participants and the spectators. Few of which are actually watching the race. They seem to be much more interested in the many young ladies who are enjoying the beautiful weather and the free flowing wine. In 2000 pieces, this puzzle will be a historic challenge, but a full-colored and full-sized poster is included to help you along. Completed puzzles measures 26 3/4” x 37 13/16”. Puzzle contains adult images and is recommended for ages 18 and up only.
Manufacturer: Heye
SKU: 37027

Nightwatch - Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle

It was a dark and stormy night… From the sky to the sea, it’s 3 feet of pure, panoramic, puzzling joy from famed marine artist, David Miller. This 500 – piece puzzle depicts the stalwart presence of a lighthouse during a raging storm on the coast. Below the choppy surface, dolphins swim close to a small boat that failed to heed the warnings of the lighthouse. Completed puzzle measures 36” x 12” when completed.
Manufacturer: MasterPieces Puzzles
SKU: MP30302

Columns Game

Victory is built on how they are crowned. This two-player stacking game’s simple principle hides it’s true nature. You’ll need a pile of strategy to win it! Two colors of playing pieces (light for one player, dark for the other), come in two types: disk-shaped “roundels,” which you can use to score, and square “blockers” which you use to… yep, block. Confounding, rewarding and completely different, it’s a unique pastime you’ll love. Crafted in quality wood, it also makes a sophisticated statement. For 2 players.
Manufacturer: Out of the Box
SKU: OB713

Fishing Goldens Jigsaw Puzzle

Take along your best friends when you go fishing, but don’t ask them to help you with this puzzle! The artist, Linda Picken, is known for capturing moments like this on canvas. She brings out the innocence and good humor of the two retriever pups. Doesn't the one on the left look proud of his catch? This 1000 piece puzzle is approximately 20 x 27 when complete.
Manufacturer: F.X. Schmid
SKU: SC78143

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