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Paint-A-Pair O' Mugs Craft Kit

Design and make 2 mugs using safe ceramic paints in 6 great colors to decorate and personalize. What a great gift idea! Make one for yourself and another for a friend or a relative. Eight-ounce mugs hold hot or cold drinks. Set designs by baking in your Easi-Art Maker or home oven. Hand washing recommended to preserve your work of art.
Manufacturer: Curiosity Kits
SKU: CK345

Bicycle Canasta Games

Want a little action and spice in your life? When you’re playing Bicycle Canasta, you’ve got a Rummy game with a Latin flair. This card game danced across the U.S. from South America, and is now a favorite with families across the nation. Wild cards are highlighted and point values are printed on the card face, for easy play. This Bicycle 2-card deck features an antique Fan Back Design first introduced in 1894. Concise rules make it simple for anyone to learn the different variations of this game.
Manufacturer: US Playing Cards
SKU: UC609

Incredible SHRINKERZ Craft Kit

Draw anything on this incredible material then shrink it to 1/3 of its original size in your Easi-Art Maker or home oven. Make tons of SHRINKERZ creations with the colored pencils and 8 (5” x 8”) shrinkable plastic sheets in this kit. Use included zipper pulls, key rings, pin backs, and magnets to turn your SHRINKERZ into something you can use forever!
Manufacturer: Curiosity Kits
SKU: CK522

20Q - Electronic 20Q Game

Based on the popular website, this portable game has you try to stump the “all knowing” artificial intelligence of 20Q. To play, just think of something… anything, and turn on the electronic orb that fits right into the palm of your hand. Then watch in amazement as 20Q tries to guess what you’re thinking! Answer yes, no, sometimes, or unknown to the series of questions it poses like a scrolling digital news ticker. If it guesses correctly within 20 questions, it wins. If not, you win! Can it read your mind? Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Ages 8 and Up.
Manufacturer: John Hansen Co
SKU: JH74012

Spin the Bottle - The Game for Girls

It’s the game of blushes and crushes! Learn about yourself and your friends when you play this sensational slumber party game. You’ll answer fun, funny “what if” questions and collect pictures of the boys you want to kiss. Don’t worry, they’re not real boys. They’re just on cards! Maybe you’ll kiss Computer Curt or Shy Shawn. Only the spinner knows… Comes with a spinner, punch-out tokens, instructions and 50 cards. Give it a whirl!
Manufacturer: Great X
SKU: 18850

Photomosaics Jigsaw Puzzle -- Lincoln

Experience the brilliant digital artwork of Robert Silvers in this compelling look at the civil war. Thousands of authentic wartime photos combine to form a dramatic portrait of one of our finest presidents. It's a thought-provoking challenge for the puzzle-building master! 1026 pieces. Measures 20x28.5.
Manufacturer: Buffalo Games
SKU: BG506

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