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Dora the Explorer Colorforms Play Set

Kids are stuck on Dora! Now they can use 31 reusable Colorforms to make up their own adventures for the little chica! Dora, Boots, Map and Backpack—all the great characters from the Nick Jr. show are here, and they’re ready to have fun with your little one! Since 1951, Colorforms has made basic, wholesome tools for the imagination that engage children and satisfy their thirst for creative expression. No reading required.
Manufacturer: Colorforms
SKU: 70231

Lionel Train Jigsaw Puzzle

All aboard! Relive the glory days of the passenger steam liner with this commemorative puzzle. Taken from a 1953 postwar Lionel catalog, this image depicts the mighty Santa Fe train forging through a mountainous American landscape. Exquisite detail of the train’s intricate metal parts and rich colors bring the scene to life. Below the main puzzle image, you’ll find a delightful picture of a bustling passenger car at night and an alternate view of the train’s powerful engine. Fully assembled, this 1000-piece puzzle measures 19 ¼” x 26 ¾.”
Manufacturer: US Playing Cards
SKU: UC5602

Dicey Game

How high can you build a tower of dice and cards? In this game, you’ll draw a card with spots on it. Put the card down and the dice on the spots. Now it’s the next player’s turn. Keep going until some unlucky player knocks the whole thing down. Fun for even for the littlest kids, this original game requires no reading. Comes with 22 dice, 13 cards and instructions. For 2 or more players.
Manufacturer: Great American Puzzle Factory
SKU: GA807

Monopoly - Looney Tunes Collector's Edition

What’s Up Doc?! Celebrate Bugs, Taz and the rest of the crazy Looney Tunes gang as you vie to “own it all”! It’s the chance of a lifetime - to buy, sell and trade the most valued and well-known hang-outs and haunts of the looniest of the Looney Tunes characters. Yosemite Sam’s Wild West, Elmer Fudd’s Hunting Grounds, Foghorn Leghorn’s Farm and Bugs Bunny’s Rabbit Hole are all up for grabs. Use Rabbit Season and Duck Season cards in place of Chance and Community Chest. Build soundstages and movie studios in place of houses and hotels. Comes complete with 6 collectible pewter tokens: Bugs Bunny’s mailbox, anvil, dynamite, Daffy Duck’s director’s chair, Marvin the Martian’s ray gun and ACME crate. For 2 – 6 players. Th-th-th-that’s all folks!
Manufacturer: USAopoly
SKU: UP203

Taboo Junior Game

Bring unspeakable fun to little ones! Just for kids, this Taboo version features over 200 words specially picked for kids. The word is pancakes. You have to get your team to say it, but YOU can’t say syrup, round or breakfast. Can you do it? If you say any of the Taboo words, you’ll hear the squeaker! Fun colors, a kid-safe squeaker instead of a buzzer and simpler game play all make this Taboo faboo! Comes with a game board, timer, two plastic pawns, 215 cards, card dispenser, Tabbo squeaker and instructions. For 4 or more players in teams.
Manufacturer: Hasbro
SKU: HB40364

Monopoly - NFL Collector's Edition

The National Football League and Monopoly have teamed up to bring you the most fun you can have without a helmet! Kick around this concept: you’re buying and selling NFL teams, running them the way you see fit. Sound good? All 32 teams are here, from Seattle to Tampa Bay. Instead of Chance and Community Chest, you’ll draw AFC and NFC cards, which might say something like “Voted Rookie of the Year! Collect $100.” Locker rooms and stadiums replace houses and hotels. Best of all, the game comes with six collectible pewter tokens: a referee’s whistle, football, quarterback, linebacker, cheerleader and helmet. So now you can build your football empire from the comfort of your own home! For 2 to 6 players.
Manufacturer: USAopoly
SKU: UP188

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