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Island Joys - 1,500 Piece Puzzle

Two of man’s favorite sea species, the dolphin and the blue whale, are at play in this jovial scene by artist Steve Sundram. As they dance and splash through the crystal blue sea, we are reminded of the peace and freedom provided by a tropical island hideaway. Beneath the surface of the clear water, colorful fish and sea turtles swim about. Up above, you can almost smell the fresh, clean air as it softly blows through the lush palm trees. This 1500 piece puzzle measures 23 ½” x 33” when complete.
Manufacturer: FX Schmid
SKU: SC78905

Glow Zone 100 Piece Puzzle - Great White Shark

Here’s a puzzle you can sink your teeth into! Put together this 100 piece puzzle and learn lots of cool facts about the Great White Shark. Did you know that the Great White has up to 6 rows of teeth? And that their bodies are made out of the same material as your nose and ears? When you finish the puzzle, turn out the lights and see it glow in the dark! There are also 10 other species in the picture for you to identify, including a Manta Ray, Giant Octopus, and Box Jellyfish. Made of 100 pieces, this puzzle measures 11” x 15” when complete.
Manufacturer: Ceaco
SKU: CC1607-1

Bob the Builder Memory Game

Bob the Builder is working on a new project: your memory! Matching pictures of Bob and his friends isn’t just a great brain-builder, it’s also lots of fun. He and his construction buddies are on game cards. Can you make a match? Flip them over and see! No reading required. Comes with 72 cards, a plastic tray and game instructions in English and Spanish. For 1 or more players.
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
SKU: HB40061

Kids Travel - A Backseat Survival Kit

This full-color book offers enough games, puzzles, activities and projects to keep the kids entertained, and the parents sane! Mazes, Hidden Pictures, License Plate Bingo, Parcheesi, Dice Games, Decoder Badges, Sign Language, Geography Bee, Song Lyrics, Folding a Dollar, Friendship Bracelets, and Palm Reading are just some of the exciting things included in this Backseat Survival Kit. Perfect for long trips in the car, this book is guaranteed to bring miles of smiles. Comes with a 100 page activity pad, a clipboard, and a pouch full of multi-colored string, markers, playing pieces and dice – all the stuff you need to do everything in the book! For Ages 6 and Up.
Manufacturer: Klutz
SKU: KZ757

Electronic Hand-Held Big Screen Tetris Game

Inspired by the game Pentominoes, Alexy Pazhitinov invented the game Tetris for a computer show in Moscow in 1985. Popularity of the game quickly spread and became one of the most popular video games in history. This deceptively simple puzzle game is now completely portable with this electronic hand-held version featuring an extra large screen, easy grip sides and the original music. Big Screen Tetris contains 3 different Tetris games in one: Classic Tetris, Speed Tetris, and Ultra Tetris. Active playing screen measures 3 3/8 in length and approximately 1 3/4 in width. 3 AAA batteries are included.
Manufacturer: Radica
SKU: JH73025

The Andy Griffith Show Mayberry Mania Game

The Andy Griffith Show game designed for the fans, by the fans! Relive great show moments and test your trivia knowledge as you travel through the town of Mayberry in your quest to become an honorary deputy sheriff. You must visit some key locations like Floyd’s Barbershop and Wally’s Service Station to achieve your goals. The Mayberry Gazette cards may help or hinder your efforts. You may get a free guess courtesy of Count Istvan Teleky, be asked to challenge another player, or be forced to seek out the rock throwing Ernest T. Bass! These and many other surprises await as the Mayberry Mania unfolds. Special rules make this game competitive regardless of skill level. For 2 to 4 players or teams.
Manufacturer: Toon Art Inc.
SKU: TA26607

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