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Monopoly - Chicago Edition

In this edition, you'll gad about an urban game board with six custom pewter tokens. There's a Chicago Tribune, Historic Water tower, Slice of Eli's Cheesecake, Sears Tower, Wolle Taxi Cab, and Navy Pier Ferris Wheel! Of course, just like in classic Monopoly, you'll aim to acquire all the properties that you can. Develop them with houses and hotels, and charge tourists big bucks to stop in. Bankrupt opponents and watch 'em jump in the lake!
Manufacturer: USAopoly

Top Trumps - Ultimate Military Jets

Collectible, competitive, compulsive! These turbo charged card games take classic War to a whole new level. Each card is based on a fighting military aircraft and features several key characteristics on which you’ll compete: maximum speed, maximum height, range, maximum takeoff weight and wing span. Who will win this dogfight? The 30 cards are packaged in a handy flip-top carrying case. For 2 or more players.
Manufacturer: Hasbro
SKU: HB41611

Hungry Hungry Hippos Game

Here's a hilarious way to develop your preschooler's hand-eye coordination. Start with one marble in the middle for the littlest players, and add marbles as their skills improve. Comes with 20 marbles. Made of sturdy plastic, so hippos won't break no matter how frantic the fun! Simple assembly required. For 2 to 4 players.
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
SKU: HB4533

Wizard Card Game - Deluxe Edition

If you like Whist or Hearts, you’ll love Wizard! Bid on how many tricks you’ll take in advance and then see how you do. Too many or too few will lose you points. Play it and you’ll see why it was named one of Games Magazine’s Best Games in America four times! Comes with a deck of 60 Wizard playing cards, a score pad, 6 bin indicator wheels and instructions in English and Spanish. For 3 to 6 players.
Manufacturer: US Games Systems

Zippy Game

From Maureen Hiron comes a great way to enjoy math and have a lot of fun at the same time. To play, you’ll roll the large dice and come up with a target number. If you roll a 2 and a 6, the target is 26. Now roll the six small dice to get the numbers you’ll work with to reach the target. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide to get there. The game will get kids to learn to work out math problems in their heads and teach them the magic of numbers. And since no game is the same, this game will last and grow with your child. Comes with 3 large custom dice, 6 small custom dice, 30 point chips, a rolling tin and instructions. For 2 or more players.
Manufacturer: Playroom Entertainment
SKU: PL64100

Vintage Posters USA - Rosie the Riveter Jigsaw Puzzle

Ready to take on any task to help her country, Rosie is more than a symbol from World War II. She’s a motivating force for today’s women, as well. Put together her commanding image and prepare to be impressed. The War Production Co-Ordinating Committee’s famous poster is a pleasure to put together in 1,000 pieces. Yes, that’s a tough puzzle, but remember what Rosie says: We Can Do It! Finished puzzle measures 27” x 20”.
Manufacturer: Buffalo Games
SKU: BG1091

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