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Glo-Zone Rattlesnake Floor Puzzle

Everyone respects this snake. Now you can have a rattler of your very own. Just get down on the floor and put him together in 63 pieces. Even better, if you turn out the lights, he’ll glow in the dark! The puzzle has a key on the back so you can identify other desert dwellers like the coyote or kangaroo rat, and it even has a list of interesting facts about this mysterious snake.
Manufacturer: Ceaco
SKU: CC1246-3

Murder on the Grill (Murder Mystery Party)

Rock & Roll is here to stay until Tom Dooley is iced over his hot grill. Comes with a complete party planner, invitations, costume and menu suggestions, clues and more! Mystery dinner party game for 6 to 8 players.
Manufacturer: Bepuzzled
SKU: 33204

Lincoln Logs Collectors Box

Embrace the great outdoors by building your own log cabin, complete with traditional green roof slats and sturdy red chimney. Kids will enjoy building forts and classic homes reminiscent of the days when settlers were discovering new lands. Packaged in a vintage style wood case, this set includes 113 logs, 30 green roof slats, 6 red roof supports, 2 red chimneys and instructions. All 151 pieces are made from solid wood.
Manufacturer: K'Nex Ind.
SKU: KN00920

Electronic Hand-Held Scrabble Express Game

It's you against the computer! Play the classic 7-tile Scrabble game electronically, on a custom 9x9 LCD grid. After 8 turns, who's got the higher score? You or the computer?! Or, you and the computer each get the same 7 tiles. What word can you make? What does the computer make? After 5 turns, compare scores! There's 4 games in all - 2 for solo play, 2 for 2 players. Features built-in tile rack, scoring, timer and a dictionary of nearly 105,000 words! Nine levels of play include Beginner, Intermediate and Expert! 3 AAA batteries included. Unit is 4.75 tall and 5 wide, screen is 2.5 tall by 2 wide. For 1 or 2 players.
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
SKU: HB41301

Puzz 3D - The Chrysler Building Towers Made to Scale Collection Puzzle

The famous Chrysler Building has been a dazzling New York City landmark ever since it was built in 1930. Now you can put it together in a three-dimensional puzzle from the Towers Made to Scale collection. Assemble the 333 sturdy, foam-backed pieces and you’ll have your very own skyscraper, standing a full 21 inches tall. Now turn out the lights. It really glows! A bonus building is even included, of the American Radiator Building. It’s architecture anyone can appreciate! The manufacturer rates this puzzle “average” in difficulty. Finished Chrysler Building measures 5-1/2” x 5-1/2” x 21-5/8”; finished American Radiator Building measures 5-1/4” x 3” x 7-1/8”.
Manufacturer: Wrebbit
SKU: WR04645

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers Game

A thousand years before the great city of Carcassonne was built, the area was settled by stone-age tribes. These people hunted wild animals, gathered nuts and berries, and caught fish to provide themselves with the basics. Today, there remain fantastic cave paintings and archeological finds that provide evidence of their existence and give us an understanding of their lives. In this game, players take turns developing the land, building huts to live in around meadows, forests, and rivers. Depending on the nature of the landscape they build, they become gatherers, fishermen, or hunters. Includes 79 lands tiles (including 1 staring tile with volcano), 12 bonus cards, 1 scoring track, 5 scoring cards, 30 tribes members in 5 colors, 10 huts in 5 colors, 10 green wooden discs, and instructions. For 2 to 5 players.

A 2004 Games Magazine Games 100 honoree in the Family Games category.
Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games
SKU: RG206

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