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Glorious Constellations (Foil Jigsaw Puzzle)

From the ceiling fresco from the Villa Farnese in Caprarola, Italy. This puzzle is hot-stamped with Gold Foil. You will be stargazing for hours! Booklet included describing the 16th century fresco, along with the history and mythology of the constellations. Fine Art. 1000 pieces. Measuring approximately 20 x 27.
Manufacturer: Great American Puzzle Factory
SKU: GA867

Fort Canby, Washington Jigsaw Puzzle

Proudly watching over the end of the continent, at the spot where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean, Cape Disappointment Lighthouse is one of the highlights of Washington’s Fort Canby State Park. Built in 1856, it is the oldest working lighthouse on the West Coast. Seen here doing its duty as a schooner breezes by at sunset, this monument is a true masterpiece. So you can enjoy the view again and again, this 1,000-piece puzzle comes with a lost-piece guarantee, glue and a box-top easel. Finished puzzle measures approximately 27” x 19”.
Manufacturer: Educa
SKU: JH11793

Rush Hour Pack 2

Here's a great addition for Rush Hour fans! Your escape car is a bright red convertible with all new challenges - some even ask you to drive TWO escape cars through the traffic! Includes 1 red convertible and 40 new challenge cards for four levels of play, from Intermediate to Grand Master (solutions included). Warning: you must already have a copy of Rush Hourto use this card set.
Manufacturer: ThinkFun
SKU: BA5010

Giant Spoons Game

Your goal is to get four of a kind in your hand. Once you have it, take a giant spoon from the center. It’s up to whether you want to make a speedy, obvious grab or a sneaky, stealthy snag. It’s up to the other players to pay attention because once a spoon goes missing, it’s a race for the remaining players to grab their own spoon. The player left spoonless is out of the game. Game includes 1 deck of playing cards, 7 giant plastic spoons, and instructions in English, Spanish, and French. For 3-8 players.
Manufacturer: Patch Products
SKU: PA6742

Odd Pods Cacti Growing Kit

The Odd Pod is a complete kit to grow over 20 different varieties of cacti in a space-age capsule. This educational kit includes 3 colorful space backgrounds, a multi-dimensional planter, and “Moon Rocks and Crater Dust,” - cool looking decorative pebbles. The electric blue planter has a multitude of planting tubes of differing heights and diameters extending from a contoured base. An information booklet contains photos and specific information on each of the 20+ cacti varieties included in the kit, as well as detailed planting and care information. You’ll only need to water them once a month, and they’re easy to grow – seeds start sprouting in only 5 – 7 days! Odd Pods can be placed on a windowsill, desk, bookshelf, coffee table or nightstand, and will provide years of enjoyment, education, and fun! All the cactus seed used in Odd Pods are from Arizona and Texas. In addition, everything in the complete Odd Pods kit is made and assembled in the United States. Complete kit includes: 1 planting pod with spill guard, 2 1-oz. bags of Moon Rocks and Crater Dust, 1 packet with 150 seeds, 3 scenic background cards, 1 1-oz. bag of planting mix, 1 sprouting greenhouse, 1 watering tube, and a planting and identifying your cacti instruction sheet. For Ages 5 and Up.
Manufacturer: Dunecraft
SKU: DCOP-0004

Battle of the Sexes Blind Date Edition Board Game

Combat was never so fun! The aim of the game is to test your knowledge of the opposite sex through a series of gender-based trivia questions. Does she know what an odometer is? Could he tell you how to stop a hole in your pantyhose from getting any bigger? To spice things up, the battle gets a little tougher with wild cards. These cards could either propel you to an easy victory - for buying diamonds for her birthday - or send you catapulting backwards -for borrowing his razor to shave your legs! For 2 to 6 players or teams.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 01415

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