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Time's Up! - Expansion Set 1

This surprise hit game is even more fun when you add 500 new people! Could you get your team to guess Mia Hamm? OK, smarty, how about President Martin Van Buren? From pop culture to intellectual giants, this game features them all. And it’s your job to get your team to guess them before time’s up! For 4 or more players or teams.
Honored for Excellence: Mensa Select. Best Party Game: The Game Report, 2001.
Manufacturer: R&R Games

Hilarious Headlines Game

Children will cheer and grin from ear to ear as they create their own newspaper headlines! 110 word cards are color coded to reflect nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions. Players are dealt 7 cards, and will try to construct a sentence using those cards. It can be zany, goofy, and completely off-the-wall, as long as it’s grammatically correct: Huge Monkey Eats Acrobat! Kids will learn sentence structure and build their vocabulary, all while cracking themselves up with their nutty headlines. They can even build upon someone else’s headlines with words in their own hand: Huge Monkey Eats Acrobat On Skyscraper! Now that’s headline news! Players earn points for each card they play, and the first to 30 points, wins the game. Game comes with 110 playing cards and game instructions. For 2 – 4 players, Grades 1- 4.
Manufacturer: Learn at Home
SKU: 65003

Cranium Cadoo for Kids Board Game

It’s Cranium Cadoo, a great place to put your thinking cap! As exciting and creative as the incredibly popular grown-up game, Cranium Cadoo is designed with kids in mind. Can you sculpt a taco? Do a hula? This game dares you try try! To make points, you might go solo (with activities like trivia, word puzzles or quick scavenger hunts) or team up with other players (guess what your partner is sketching, sculpting or pantomiming). Comes with game board, secret decoder mask, tub of cool Cranium clay, 300 outrageous cars, 40 colorful tokens, die, timer, rules, custom pad and pencil. Winner, Platinum Best Toy Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. For 2 or more players.

A 2001 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner.
Manufacturer: Cranium
SKU: CN667792000047

Don't Quote Me Game - TV Guide Edition Board Game

The popular trivia game is now strictly focused on the world of TV and Film! For those of you who carefully plot out your moves to avoid other subjects, this TV Guide Edition offers everything you want, and nothing you don’t. What movie character said, “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”? Need a hint? Bogart character. Need another? Film set in Morocco. The answer? Rick Blaine (as said to Capt. Louis Renault in the film Casablanca). Each question asks you to identify a memorable line from TV shows (Comedy, Drama, News, Talk and Sports) and Movies. The 3-tiered scoring system allows you to earn points for answering the question immediately, or with the use of 2 hints. Each answer card is packed with interesting information about the subject matter, making this more than just a Q & A game. Game comes with 2,000 Quotes & Questions, 300 Color-coded Game Cards, 100 special TV Guide Cards, 5 custom Game Pieces, a unique pentagon Game Board, and Game Instructions. For 2 – 5 Players, Ages 14 and Up.
Manufacturer: Wiggles 3D
SKU: WG20001

Motivational Series - Spider-Man Jigsaw Puzzle - Responsibility

“With great power… comes great responsibility.” That was the invaluable lesson learned by Peter Parker when a criminal killed his beloved Uncle Ben. From that moment forward, Parker vowed that his alter ego, Spider-Man, would use his extraordinary abilities to serve and protect his fellow man. This Special Edition Motivational Collector’s Series puzzle showcases this famous quote and the message of RESPONSIBILITY, underneath an action shot of Spidey as he swings across the New York skyline. Designed to look like a motivational poster, this 550 piece jigsaw is suitable for framing once finished. Measures 18” x 24” when complete.
Manufacturer: MasterPieces Puzzles
SKU: MP80407

Texas Pride - Shaped Puzzle

Take a trip deep in the heart of Texas when you put together this colorful puzzle. Shaped like the Lone Star State itself, it features dozens of signature symbols: armadillos, oil wells, cowboy boots, prize steer and more. In 1,000 pieces and standing 34-inches tall when complete, it’s truly a Texas-sized challenge!
Manufacturer: Suns Out
SKU: SO90188

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