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Cheater Card Game

Get ready to bend the rules! This fast, thrilling and unique card game is made for all ages. The object is to spell C-H-E-A-T-E-R in one of four color suits. On each turn, roll the dice. Roll doubles and you become the CHEATER...for now. Players, watch out! The CHEATER plays by a different set of rules. If you're not the CHEATER, use action cards to get ahead, protect your hand, or BUST your opponent's hand. Recommended by Family Fun Magazine. For 2 to 4 players. Game contains 71 cards, one pair of dice, and instructions.
Manufacturer: Endless Games
SKU: EG800

Sue Grafton Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

A Poison that Leaves No Trace - Kinsey Millhone is facing a new case: the mysterious death of Margery Crispin. Read best-selling author Sue Grafton’s short story… Assemble the 1,000-piece puzzle and discover the hidden clues… Then solve the mystery by putting together the pieces in the story and in the puzzle. Slick, book-like packaging and high quality artwork make this one a stand-out. Beware, the 1,000-piece puzzle is different from the cover!
Manufacturer: BePuzzled
SKU: 33108

Pretty Pretty Princess Game

Play dress-up with your friends as you collect fancy jewelry from the jewelry box. Collect your own matching color necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings. But beware the Black Ring! If you get it, you must get rid of it before you can win. When you have all of your jewelry plus the crown, you win the game! Then you'll be pretty as a princess - the Pretty Pretty Princess! Includes 21 pieces of jewelry plus a crown! For 2 to 4 players.
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
SKU: HB4250

Cranium Conga Game

New from the makers of the hit game Cranium comes Conga. It’s a fast paced game designed for families and good friends. On each turn, players draw a card and come up with their own unique answer to the question. The player then writes down their answer and encloses it inside of the timer to hide. The timer is then passed along to the next player who must guess the answer before the timer goes off in their hands. What animal could you beat in a race? Use the Cranium Clay for the Sculptorades section and sculpt the clues to your secret answer. What do you wish your nickname could be? With the Mindreader questions, you’ll tell everyone the first letter of your answer to get them guessing. How many trees have you climbed in your lifetime? In the Guesstimator questions, you’ll give clues of “higher” or “lower” as everyone else guesses your answer. What food is the hardest for you to eat without making a mess? With the Soundstage question you’ll act out your secret answer using gestures and sound effects – but without using words. Comes with more than 300 game cards, a musical timer with erasable secret answer pad, six scoring cases, 96 scoring tiles, and a tib of Cranium Clay. Requires three AA batteries which are not included. For 3-6 players.
Manufacturer: Cranium
SKU: CN102010000

Happy Wedding Jigsaw Puzzle

Such a beautiful day for a wedding. What could go wrong? Join the bridal party and other not-so-matrimonial festivities as you piece together this lighthearted scene depicted by artist, Hugo Prades. Even the mice and fish are taking the plunge. This 500-piece puzzle that will make all other weddings look like a piece of cake in comparison. Measures 13-3/8” x 18-7/8” when assembled. Warning: Puzzle contains some adult images.
Manufacturer: Heye
SKU: 37012

Smart Mouth Game

Just how smart is your mouth? Find out with a word game designed to stretch your brain! The sturdy, blue Letter-Getter shows you two letters. One is the first letter of your word, the other is the last letter. Be the first to shout out a word to win the round and collect the letters. S/he with the most letters wins the game! Five additional game variations—some especially for littler word-puzzlers— assure this game will be making fun for you and your family for a long time.

A 2001 Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner.
A 2002 Mensa Select Award Winner.

Manufacturer: ThinkFun
SKU: BA5530

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