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Totally Awesome Board Game

Do you know which racecar driver got his start as the national go-cart championship when he was eight? Or what chewy treat was originally called Blibber-Blubber? This game is full of the amazing accomplishments of athletes, scientists and even regular kids just like you! You’ll even be called on to perform some fantastic feats yourself. Can you shimmy like a belly dancer? Hop on one foot? As you answer the questions, you’ll race up a mountain. The unique magnetic game board gives this game its extreme edge. It’s a confidence-building, fact-finding expedition! (The answers: Jeff Gordon and bubble gum!) Comes with 4 magnetic playing pieces, 20 plastic flags, a magnetic game board, 110 fantastic feat cards, 110 totally awesome cards and instructions. For 2 or more players.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 01942

Summer Escape - 300 Piece Puzzle

You’re looking out from your window seeing the newly blooming flowers and trees, sipping your favorite tea. On the other side of your freshly painted white picket fence a slightly curving path leads you to a peaceful ocean. Just beyond the lighthouse you see a meandering sailboat, and hear the faint call of seagulls. This 300 piece large format puzzle is easy to handle. It will be 18” X 24” when finished.
Manufacturer: FX Schmid
SKU: SC78810

The Yeti Slalom Game

It’s the game of snowboard racing! Can you compete in the prestigious Himalaya Grand Prix? When you play your cards right, you’re swooshing and spinning down the grandest mountain range in the world. But watch out for the Yetis! They’re trying to knock you off course with giant snowballs. Better get your own Yeti and show your opponents how it feels! Its an extreme way to explore strategy. Comes with 20 Snowboarder Cards, 20 Yeti Cards, 16 Snowball Cards a sturdy, oversized gameboard and a die. Imported from Germany. For 3 to 5 players.
Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games
SKU: RG189

Peanuts Playing Cards in a Tin

Can you believe it? Those precious Peanuts have delighted us for over 50 years. That’s what makes this two-deck set in a collectible tin as perfect for grandpa as it is for your kindergartener. How many gifts can make that claim? Featuring charming portraits of Charlie Brown, his bizarre beagle and his animated group of friends, these standard playing cards (suitable for all card games) are anything but.
Manufacturer: US Playing Cards
SKU: UC6881

Lunchtime on a Crossbeam Jigsaw Puzzle

On September 29, 1932, construction of the RCA building in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center was in full swing. With no extra time to spare, workers casually enjoy the midday meal 800 feet above the ground. This is part of a series of puzzles from the Pictures in Time collection from The History Channel. 513 pieces and 21-1/4” x 15” when complete.
Manufacturer: Buffalo Games
SKU: BG333

Royalty Word Card Game

The word card game in which Scrabble meets rummy. Players form, build, and capture words that offer the highest scoring value. Selected as a Games 100 Best Game! For 2 or more players, or play it solitaire.
Manufacturer: US Games Systems

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