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Oh Hell Card Game

The sinfully fun card game from the 1930’s is making a helluva comeback! It’s a game of skill and strategy, combining elements of hearts, bridge and poker. Try to outscore your opponents by placing bids and taking tricks. A sturdy, snazzy metallic game box and slick bidding wheels give this classic a classy touch. Comes with 52 playing cards, four bidding wheels and instructions. For 3 to 4 players.
Manufacturer: University Games
SKU: 01519

Wig Out Card Game

This is a very hairy 12-minute game! Wig Out features 12 crazy characters with really wacky hairdos. There’s Eve with a Mohawk, Beatrice with a beehive, and Ray Ray with a mullet. Players hold 4 cards in their hand, and the object is to get rid of all your cards by making matching piles. Make the piles in front of you, such as a stack with Sully and his slick Elvis ‘do. Each time you find a match, lay the card down on the pile. Oh – there’s 2 cornrows in a row! If you can’t play any cards, you’ll have to draw from the center. All the players play their cards at the same time, creating a frenzied race to be the first to finish. The first to play all their cards yells “Wig Out!” and is the winner! Game comes with 60 cards, and game instructions. For 2 – 6 Players, Ages 6 and Up.
Manufacturer: Gamewright
SKU: GW05210

Wheel of Fortune Hand-Held Electronic Game

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at the Wheel, here’s your chance! This handy electronic version plays much like the game show. Spin the wheel, buy vowels and solve the puzzles. But watch out for those tricky bankrupt or lose a turn spaces. This amazing electronic game unit stores over 400 different puzzles and features music and sound effects for even more fun. So who needs Pat Sajak? Now you can take the Wheel for a spin any time, anywhere! Four AAA batteries (not included) required. For 1 player.
Manufacturer: Hasbro
SKU: HB59939

Perfalock Poster Puzzle -The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers Rohan

When you’ve completed this 500-piece puzzle of Eowyn, Eomer, and the King of Rohan, you can hang it on your wall as you would a traditional poster. This poster-puzzle is one out of four exclusive designs featuring images from the movie, The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers and using Wrebbit’s Perfalock system. Precisely crafted out of flexible foam, Perfalock pieces fit together so perfectly you can barely see the seams and fit so closely you can make it, move it, and mount it without using that messy puzzle glue. This 500 piece puzzle measures 2’ x 3’ when complete.
Manufacturer: Wrebbit
SKU: WR20043

Puzz 3D - Home Is Where the Heart Is II Puzzle

Take your puzzling to a new dimension and bring a cozy cottage to life. 267 foam-backed pieces let you build a realistic model of the sweet estate featured in renowned artist Thomas Kinkade’s “Home Is Where the Heart Is.” This work is one of the most popular from America's most collected living artist. Kinkade is a painter-communicator whose tranquil, light-infused paintings bring hope and joy to millions each year. On a difficulty scale of 1 to 4, the manufacturer rates this one a 1 (easy), so it’s great for those trying this kind of 3-d puzzle for the first time. Imported from Quebec, with international instructions.
Manufacturer: Wrebbit
SKU: WRP3D-4602

Times Square, New York 2000 Piece Puzzle

It’s a puzzle so nice, you’ll want to do it twice! Times Square sparkles in this gorgeous artist’s rendition of the famed intersection. You can almost smell the chestnuts roasting and hear the cabbies cursing as you put together this tribute to the bustling center of New York City. Located at 7th and Broadway in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, no trip to the Big Apple would be complete without a walk through Times Square at night. This colorful painting offers a romantic look at the City that Never Sleeps. 2000 pieces. Comes with a lost piece guarantee, puzzle glue, and a box top easel. Measures 37.4” x 26.5” when complete.
Manufacturer: Educa
SKU: JH12450

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