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Tangram Brain Teaser Puzzle

This handcrafted oak Tangram puzzle consists of only 7 pieces cut from a square: 2 large triangles, 1 medium-sized triangle, 2 small triangles, 1 square and 1 lozenge. Try to use all 7 pieces to create alphabet letters, or use your imagination to build animals, people, things -- whatever! Game set includes a booklet with 90 images you can build. It's a great way to develop spatial relations skills. Store blocks on any table in a handsome hardwood tray! Game set measures 7-1/2x7-1/2, including 7 hardwood blocks. For 1 player.
Manufacturer: Square Root Games

Dazzler Ribbon

Somewhere over the rainbow lies boundless hours of fun! Now you can catch a glimpse of what it might be like with these colorful, 6-1/2 foot dazzler ribbons. Enjoy the flowing streams as you twirl it overhead for an amazing tornado effect or from your side to simulate a roller coaster ride. The dazzling stick provides a new dimension of color to the original design. Each dazzler ribbon sold separately.
Manufacturer: Great Explorations
SKU: 61130

Magic 8 Ball

This magical ball may actually change your life! Just ask it a question then turn it over to reveal the answer. Ask it about matters of the heart—- will she be willing to go dutch? Ask it about stock and bond choices—- did I see my broker on America’s Most Wanted? Probe about the deep, dark secrets of friends and associates—- is that a toupee? Use for entertainment purposes only. (Please don’t use it to bet junior’s college money on a horse race. That would be a misuse of the ball.) Measures 4” in diameter.
Manufacturer: Mattel
SKU: MA30188-7

The Wedding Feast at Cana (1562) Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s the moment when Jesus turns water to wine, beautifully rendered by 16th century painter Paolo Veronese. Here he creates a scene as lively and colorful as the Italian Renaissance itself. 9,000 pieces make this a puzzle for serious devotees only. It’s a work full of intricate detail—and you’ll be able to appreciate all of it once you’ve conquered the challenge. The finished masterpiece measures approximately 6 x 4.5 feet!
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
SKU: RB17804

World of Cats Jigsaw Puzzle

Famed puzzle artist Al Lorenz has turned his eye to the cat and created a wonderful tumble devoted to our purring pals. Featuring adorable illustrations and packed with facts, this is one fascinating collage. As you assemble the 1,000 oversized pieces, you’ll find information on the different breeds, trivia and history, famous cats and so much more. Finished puzzle measures 27” x 35”.
Manufacturer: Suns Out
SKU: SO18072

Amsterdam, Holland 2000 Piece Puzzle

Known as the Gateway to Europe and the Venice of the North, the city of Amsterdam has 165 canals, 1281 bridges, and 70 cruise boats. Taking a leisurely canal cruise is the most relaxing and rewarding way to see the city’s narrow paths and delightful sights. The incredible art museums, the distinct architecture of the houses, and the friendliness of the Dutch make a visit to Amsterdam a sheer delight. This 2000 piece puzzle captures all the charm of Holland’s “big city” with the small town feel. Measures 37.4” x 26.5” when complete. As with all Educa puzzles, it comes with a lost piece guarantee, puzzle glue, and a box top easel.
Manufacturer: Educa
SKU: JH12452

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